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Our Curriculum


At Ridgeway Primary School, we believe that the learning journey is a lifelong experience and we aim to enable all children to make sense of their learning and be equipped for our ever changing world by encouraging a passion for learning, fostering curiosity and nurturing creativity.


We recognise our responsibility to instil in our children the values and skills they will need for life in modern Britain, and spiritual, moral, social and cultural development underpins all of our learning. As such we have developed a two-year cycle for our curriculum to ensure coverage and progression within our phases.


We have created an exciting and stimulating set of topics, to cover the National Curriculum, providing cross-curricular opportunities to extend and apply learning to other areas wherever possible. In all our lessons, we encourage children to develop as independent and active learners and we nurture inquiry.We use History, Geography, Science or RE as the drivers and stimuli for each topic then use Art, DT, and Music etc. to enhance and deepen the learning.Certain subjects, such as RE, PE, Computing, MFL in Key Stage 2 (French) and PSHE may not appear in this topic plan as they are sometimes taught discretely. Separate maps are available for these subject areas.


For more information about our curriculum either read the current terms topic information on the class page of our website or come in and talk to your child’s teacher or Mr. Wilson, the Head Teacher.


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Topic Maps

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Modern Foreign Language

Here at Ridgeway we teach French as our modern foreign language. This is done across Key Stage 2, so children start their sessions in Year 3 and carry on until they leave us and move to Secondary school. The children will learn through speaking and listening activities and move toward written learning as they progress through school.   We also learn about France and its traditions, for example comparing French Christmas Traditions with those in the UK.  French is taught across a range of themes; for example foods and animals including pets.  Children are taught to express likes and dislikes in French.  We have a range of story books in French which are used, alongside other resources to bring the language to life.  

Our Curriculum in Action

School Results:

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Phonics & Reading

Early Reading is a hugely important and fundamental part of what we teach at Ridgeway, as we consider that reading is the key to accessing all other parts of the curriculum.

We follow Supersonic Phonics Friends which is a fun, engaging  and robust scheme that ensures consistency and the systematic teaching of synthetic phonics. 

Phonics is taught as soon as the children enter EYFS, through to Year 2 and where necessary, beyond.

To accompany the teaching in school, the children are provided with phonetically decodeable books that contain the sounds each child has already been taught and not beyond. The key here is over-reading. We ask you as parents to share those books as often as you can at home to build fluency and confidence in your child's ability to read. We listen to children read their phonetically decodeable books at least once per week in school, too.  Books are changed weekly and progression is underpinned by regular, robust assessment.

At Ridgeway we also acknowledge and value the importance of the children understanding the content of what they're reading, too. Therefore, we have created a whole-class approach to reading that allows us to teach the children a progressive, reading skill set from EYFS through to Year 6. Bookflix lessons are full of child-talk, peer-learning, idea sharing, link-making from the text to the wider world, question-asking and much more. This is taught at least 4 times per week and has helped us at Ridgeway to really foster a love of reading amongst the children.

Reading at Ridgeway:

Brings texts to life, makes texts real, inspires minds, opens imaginations and sparks curiosity.