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Possible Early Morning Club @ Ridgeway

31 January 2019 (by admin)

Exploring the possibility of setting up an Early Morning Club for Term time

Dear Parents & Carers,

Childcare is something that can cause working parents difficulties. We are lucky to have links to two very good childminders at Ridgeway Primary School. Unfortunately, they have limited places. 

Breakfast Clubs have been run in the past but each time had to close due to low numbers. However, this was a few year ago and I was wondering if there has been a change in demand.

At this time we are only exploring this option and nothing is agreed. However, a local Sports Coaching company SJD Sports are interested in possibly setting up an Early Morning Club for Term time. This would (subject to the Board of Management agreement) run in the Sports and Social Club 7.45am – 8.45am at which time the children will be walked over to school. This would not be a breakfast club but an activity club. The children would take part in different physical activates for the majority of the session and then have a ‘calm down’ session prior to walking over.

The costs will depend on the rent price from the Board of Management but should be around £3 – £5 per day. 

Please fill out the form to indicate if you would be likely to use this facility or not. The form closes on 15th February, so please complete your answers by then. This form is available by following the link below


Once we have the results I will let you know if this is something we are able to

Many thanks,

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