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Year 6

Remote Learning Page 2021/22

This is the page that we will be using for Remote Learning this year. This could be in the form whole class/school closure due to a Covid-19 outbreak, or for individuals who have to isolate when waiting for a test or following a positive test in the household. A letter about our Remote Education this year, along with login codes for various platforms will be sent home.

Take care and stay safe,

Mr Wilson

Remote Learning from January 2022

Daily tasks:  Read Theory x3; XTRockstars; (Lexia for those with a license); short piece of art or craft linked to our topic - research oneself; the daily maths posted; writing which follows the BMG features written a section at a time, one per day; 

Please email me for any extra information, and for the learning if that would make it easier for you.  Thank you.

Thursday 16th December

Hi, hope you are well.  Sorry for the missing days but we spent all day finishing our bug hotels, and practising our Christmas Carols.  And were down at the church most of Tuesday.

In English we are writing instructions for 'How to Enjoy a Wonderful Christmas' ; the Maths is below - I think it is 'fun'; and this afternoon we are singing more Carols and going on Scratch MIT; could you also please boost your levels in Read Theory?

Ta ta for now.

 Angles-in-special-quadrilaterals (1).pptxDownload
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Monday 13th December 2021

Good morning home learner, hope you are OK and able to smile and do your learning? 

Please do at least 2 read theory per day and make them good ones - I shall be checking you are climbing the levels; maths is maths - pwoerpoint, your answer sheet and then the answers; writing is to prepare for our instructions - How to avoid another trip to Meadowhell, and all the horrible ways you can be terrible in the car and being dragged around; this arvo we are practising for Christingle, so maybe something Christmassy.

Tomorrow (we are at church most of the day) tick over with Reading, writing and drawing / creating / painting something of your own.


Take care, Mr T.

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Tuesday 7th December 2021

Morning all, and here is today's run down of home learning:

Keep up with the Read Theory, pleased to see it is happening; XTRockstars; Read for Pleasure - own book; Maths - angles of triangles; (we are doing our Reading assessment today) then we are carrying on with our ape identification diagram, all you need are in the docs below.


Take care, have a lovely day.

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 Apes monkey branching diagram.pdfDownload
 Primate Factsheet.pdfDownload
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MOnday 6th December 2021

Good morning one and all, hope you had a funnish weekend.  How are you?  Any news on a return to action?  It would be helpful if you could let me know your return to school date again, by email or on Seesaw - thank you.

So today find a page of your home reading book and Bookfllix it; Maths below, should be straight forward; find the SPAG doc 'daily Grammar flipchart' a few days below and play around with a few ideas as  we are doing SPaG tests today; this afternoon we are identifying the differences between great apes and producing a tree diagram; and street dance in PE; 

Give it all your best shot; maybe catch up on the writing?


Good morning fellas, hope you are well and keeping busy.

Usual systems Friday so get a loved one to test you on spellings - relearn any mistakes; try both weekly skills below; in Remote learning book note any Achievements as usual; we are learning about Gandhi today and non-violent protest so that is something to research and make some notes;  plenty of Read Theory; XTRockstars; and of course this arvo is swimming so maybe, if well enough, make a swimming pool in the lounge, or a gymnasium, and keep fit.

Have as fun a weekend as poss and hope to see you guys soon.


Good morning guys, good to hear you are doing ok.  

Here is today's learning: Read Theory x3; XTRockstars; Writing - Cons of keeping animals in zoos using all of the BMG and Big Plan features that you are able; Two lots of Maths for everyone as it is a recap lesson from Y5 so should be able to whizz through angles around a pint and straight line angles; PM: Scratch MIT - play around and maybe build a new one; learning Christmas carols for church - We Three KIngs and Silent Night if you fancy a sing song.

Take care, see you soon.


Good morning fellas, and folks, hope you are not too bored stuck indoors, but at least you get to complete some remote learning, so a silver lining.

Today: read for pleasure; complete a few more Read Theory; if you are Lexia make sure you keep that going; XTRockstars for a burst; Maths is about shape and degrees; 

Writing: arguments FOR zoos; include the features on the BMG wherever possible, especially Openers, vague terms such as 'people think ...' etc, and maybe some statistics (make them up)


Have a good day.

 crib sheet for writing .pdfDownload
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Morning guys, hope you and your family's are doing ok.  

Today, we are looking at colons as a morning job, so please find some examples of how to use them - some in the Powerpoint below.

Writing: completely fill in the Big Plan, this may involve a bit of research as to what each section means; then write the Opening sentences to introduce our discussion: Are Zoos Fit for the 21st Century?  This programme might help, just a clip, see if you can find the whole programme on BBC.   Look up -  Liz Bonnin Zoos

Maths - we are finishing off fractions problem solving but can not get the worksheets uploaded, so a quick revision of fractions would be ideal.

This arvo we are looking at some worldwide environments such as desert; alpine; grassland; etc.  Naming some animals which live there, how they are adapted.



 Daily grammar flipchart in powerpoint format bs(1).pptxDownload
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Hi guys, hope you are doing ok.  Please find below today's learning:

Read several texts about discussing an argument - we are choosing 'Are Zoos Fit for the 21st Centrury'.   Find some online clips to help understand the debate - Liz Bonin did a really good one for the BBC??  Then try and fill in your Big Plan after looking at the BMG.  We will start writing tomorrow.

Maths is another fractions of amounts for you - all below.

This afternoon we are learning Christmas Carols.  And following up our learning on how animals have adapted to their environment/habitat so please continue to research that.

Mr T.