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This is the page that we will be using for Remote Learning this year. This could be in the form whole class/school closure due to a Covid-19 outbreak, or for individuals who have to isolate when waiting for a test or following a positive test in the household. A letter about our Remote Education this year, along with login codes for various platforms and an exercise book were all sent home earlier in the year.

Take care and stay safe,

Mr Wilson

Friday 16th July 2021

Lovely persuasive leaflet Mads, very well presented.  We are working on the production all day, so no reading, writing or maths.

So please choose your own project to run with; being massive help around the house and garden, playing a lot, either arts and crafty, or piece of writing, or research; if you do something 'schooly' then present it on Seesaw either today or if not finished on Monday.


Take care, enjoy the sunshine.

15th July 2021

Hi guys, same as yesterday, so carry on with persuasive leaflet and art.

And maybe take over teaching siblings, help them with their remote learning, bring a bit of Mr T to their lives?

Have a good day.

14th July 2021

Well good morning ladies, and welcome to your very own web page.  Now as you know, it is all about the show at the moment, so we are finishing a bit of writing about our ocean animal /environmental issues before a run through.  This afternoon is art with a supply teacher.  So ...

Over the next tow days try to write up our persuasive leaflet in best, with photos and own text.  Make it look as professional as possible.

Create a piece of art by trnascribing a small piece of a picture onto a blank piece of paper, one 'grid' at a time.  Preferably something to do with our coastline topic.

Other than that, be helpful: bit of gardening, decorating, tidying, washing, etc.


I shall email mums today and ask them a few questions about what you would like to do.  Take care. Looking forward to seeing a few uploads on Seesaw tomorrow.

Friday 21st May

HI remote learner, please upload your learning to Seesaw so I can see it and mark it, thank you.  Here is todays.


Thursday 20th May

Hi Jay, hope you are well, here is your learning for today. Plus, any drawing or art related to your story. Plus Read Theories, XTRockstars, etc.

Please record in your Remote Learning book, and/or post to Seesaw so I can see you are on the ball.  Ta very much.

 For Jay.docxDownload
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Final Friday 5th March, 2021

May this date be etched into one's brain - the final day of our extra, extra remote learning, the day the world started to become back to normal-ish. (This date will be on the end of year Big Fat Quiz).  

Thank you loved ones for all the support and encouragement you have given our Enterprisers these last many weeks at home, difficult times, but strength builds from adversity, and I believe most of our Orangs have come through this raring to go for education, and full of bouncebackability.  After a gentle re-start, we will work them hard towards their brilliant best, and see how fierce they are to achieve close to predicted (pre-lockdown) grades.  We are all committed for them to hit the ground running, full of confidence in themselves as learners, this September.

BIG SIGH - what a relief, and here we go with a last Systems Friday, from now on, these activities will revert to class / home learning, so enjoy a full Fri-day to get them done and dusted.

Ollie lad, can we have a final big bash drum roll please:

English   -  spelling test from rule 20;  next week in class, rule 21 - words ending in -el or -al. List 1 folk pick another spelling from list 2 please. (deliberately missed out rule 20a)

               - finish writing suspense story in best - with little illustrations to bring to life? 

              - keep brushing up with READ Theories, especially those who may need a lunch time BOOST!

               - achievement book when you are ready - later in the day or the weekend.

Maths    - weekly skills 12. 

Topic     - finish any outstanding topic learning: river features grid; river - from source to sea big picture in 2D/3D. Hopefully, you have made a great start, even if it is just sketching out.

T'other  - start going to bed at a normal time, NHS recommends our age group 9 o'clock lights out. Good sleep is so important to high level performance.

Read all the bumpf on the Ridgeway website so we get our heads back towards the routine, the one before this lockdown.

UNIFORMS to be worn first day back. 

Have a lovely relaxing weekend and can't wait to see you all Monday, could be emosh?!


Thursday 4th March, 2021

Well I hope you enjoyed the quiz, and well done anyone with 6 or more, that is an observant and interactive score, which shows me you read the blog,  and also watch some of the vlog.  Most days anyhous.  I am more than aware it is one of your folks who usually keeps up with the website - I did not come down with last night's shower! And such a PAIN that the internet went bump half way through, it had already crashed once mid-morning, which is unusual nowadays, but heyho, good to see y'all in little boxes - like a pet shop: a few cheeky chipmunks; a possum; two chinchillas; 5 budgies; 3 desert rats and several cats who had gotten the cream. And one cocker spaniel. Well, they say that owners begin to look like their pets.

Last lockdown Thursday, whoohoo, huzzah, hurrah and jolly good show old chap. And a bit of creativity needed today so please take good note as some folk going off at a tangent.

A dramatic role please Isla:

English   -  write in best. Still improve? Best handwriting and presentation. Choose paper wisely. Will you illustrate as you go along? Will Will be proud of your finished product? Will I? 

Maths    - volume 3 - cuboids.   Try and draw the cubes in 3D using diagonal lines.      https://vimeo.com/508931067

Topic     -  create a BIG picture of a rivers journey to the sea.  Include lots of those features we talked about earlier in the week. Try hard to make some of it 3D.  Label the features?

                 -  PLEASE check out the docs below for extra support with own ideas.  (we will finish this tomorrow as should be a BIG job)

                  - the blank river journey doc/jpeg from Monday might be a VERY BIG help? Or not. Be creative.


Wednesday 3rd March, 2021

Listening to lots of music today whilst marking, mostly old stuff like UB40 and Bob Marley, but some toons you guys might like.  Check out Sunnyside Up album by my man (down wit' de kids) Paolo Nutini, my lad loved this when he was your age-ish?  Kept me happy while marking Tuesday arvo with my pot of coffee and Tunnock's wafers AND teacakes. Get in!  

Secondary confirmations roll in and as always a slightly mixed bag with most Enterprisers heading to Eckythump but several other big boy/girl schools also chosen - exciting times. And we will have a chat Monday about all that. As part of WBD - Welcome Back my Darlings; or should that be World Book Day?

And now I know I am going back full time again, started the old Spring cleaning. No way - yes way! Sometimes, i am such a proud house husband - I'm very modern - and can't wait for Mrs Thornton to come home and appreciate all the washing and ironing and scrubbing and cooking I've done - and she always notices! Never just flops down on the settee and watches the footy, or puts her feet up with a brew and talks about HER day, no, she notices.  

So, today's learning, class roll please Orangs in Space:

English   -  reading own writing and marking the BMG section checking for the features being used: then maybe, getting a partner, a much-loved partner, to check and mark it themselves.

               - discuss findings with yourself and much-loved partner, without falling out of love, and then UPLEVEL story from beginning to last. Add extra sentences in; missing features; improve                            the whole story with greater detail, and most probably even greater suspense.

              - then leave it alone, we will write up in best tomorrow.

              - LEXIA children have you been doing LEXIA?  Read Theory children have you been READ THEORY-ING? I know some of you have because I've checked!!  I know some of you little                          sneakers HAVE NOT because I have checked. Are you over 100 reads? Have you been on in the last week? Are you consistent in the level required of YOU? Cool, knew you'd be on with it.

Maths   -  volume lesson 2.    https://vimeo.com/508930452  

Topic     - finishing off the river feature words; gathering resources for the 'big poster'.

T'other  - bringing personal topic to a close about now and preparing a SUPER PROFESSIONAL presentation, doesn't have to be IT based, but one we can all listen to and enjoy and learn from                     for at least 5 minutes - which is a reet long time when it is just thee with t'other kids staring at thee - happens to me all the time and it's reet off putting. 

PE      - keep warm, I feel colder now than when it was actually really cold. So maybe really, really wrap up or create your own Finnish sauna? Just brainstorming. (Tho' I was warm when cleaning)

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Tuesday 2nd March, 2021

Well I have to say that the day did not pan out as expected, freezing over here at Thornton Hutch, foggy nearly all day. Got to stop watching the Meteorological 10 day weather report on Youtube, becoming all I have to talk about, but it is fascinating, but.. not as fascinating as all your pets - NO WAY!! Thank you for feeding and grooming video Flo and it made me think that maybe if everyone shared a beautiful snap of their pet/pets before coming back to school, then we could play some sort of quiz, or just enjoy going aahhhh when we see them.  So go ahead, send me one beautiful, typical snap of your pooch, puss, neddy, or t'other.

Also, could you please let me know asap which Secondary school you will be going to as transition conversations have already started and offers for extra support are on the table. MOre on this as soon as dates and timings are firmed up.  Including transition AT chosen secondary, will let you know as soon as I know the next steps.

Next Monday, first day back, will be uniform please.  Our main PE will be either Monday or Friday and will let you know when it is negotiated.

And so, Terrific Tuesday shall commence with an egg roll please Ewan:

English   -  Read Theory please.  (everyone should be into 3 figures now, over 100 - some of our guys well over 200, even 300 and even 500!!)

                - READ the Ending and Ending Ending doc below please and kind of write your own in your own style but with the examples in mind.

              - is your Big Plan fully filled and helping you finish the story in style? 

            - finish the writing Simple Explanation Ending, oh my, how could I have become so scared when it was only ... but write it brilliantly. Still using BMG features and super sentences.

        - then, finish the entire story with the Happy All Back to Normal Ending but we are all more worldly wise for the events which took place. Check out the endings of The's again on doc below.

Maths     - first lesson on volume so dipped into a Y5 recap lesson. Hopefully this will set us up nicely for the following two days of Y6 level. 


Other     - using the Journey of a River and Blank River Map from Monday's docs below below, and own ideas, bit of research maybe? Begin to PLAN own Rivers to the Sea poster and the materials needed such as paints, glue, variety of papers such as shiny/ crepe/ sugar, maybe cotton wool, I don't know, whatever you think will make your 'picture' literally stand out and be brilliant.  How will you create the hills/mountains? the tiny youthful river? the wide majestic mature river? lots of the features such as oxbow lakes, meanders, waterfalls, reservoirs, fields, etc.

And then we will go for it in best from Thursday onwards.

 Big Plan - suspense story.docxDownload
 Ending and Ending Ending examples.pdfDownload
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Monday 1st March, 2021

La semana finale. Feliz dias! The final week, happy days! And the sun is shining, the birds are tweeting, gardeners are seeding, City are winning, full Englishes are being eaten and all in all the world is Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah - my oh my what a wonderful day.        https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6bWyhj7siEY         Well, that may be stretching it a bit too far, bit of over-egging, but still, we can all be positive for a week knowing the return to school is on next Monday - can't we Miss Sourpuss? Mrs Misery-guts? Mr Crabby-pants? Gadfly Grumpty von Grumpty? 

And plenty on this week. Finish our suspense stories; create a 3d 'poster' River to the Sea; finish area - start volume; learn lots of river features, which means lots of new vocabulary; as well as the usual normal.

So here goes, fig roll please Evie Sandy Darling:

English   - Bookflix page 2 of The Visit (shall pop on Seesaw if that helps) and get the feel for a young writer, this author was in Y6 when written -with lots of help from the teacher I am sure!-                       trying to write their own suspense story.  Check out the Bookflix features on the website in case you have forgotten all 12.  Maybe pick 7/8 to concentrate on?

               - pick up WRTING where you left off, and now write the next TWO sections to the point where our main character is besides themselves with panic because all safety has been removed.

                  YOU MUST try your hardest to include the BMG features, and especially the features prepared (finish that first if necessary) on the Big Plan.

      Take time, rehearse, extend sentences to describe yet lots of short sentences and even 1/2 word sentences to create tension/suspense. End on a rhetorical??

Maths   - area of parallelogram.  Similar to area of triangle, as no right angle, create one to find height, then X by length.  https://vimeo.com/508494691

Topic    - watch the river to the sea video with the university professor explaining different features.  Think about the stages of the river: source/youthful/middle/mature/to the sea and where                           the features are found, sometimes in more than one stage such as V-shaped valleys or meanders.       https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_M48ANM3hAQ         Make notes?!

             - Fill in the River Feature Recording sheet below using the River Word Research sheet for the new vocabulary.

            - have a look at the Journey of a River and Blank River Journey as this will help but DO NOT FILL THEM IN as this will help with tomorrow's learning when we will start to prepare for our                           'poster' art and craft. 

PE        - must be a walk in the fresh air with some riverscape nearby, must not it be it?


Friday 26th February, 2021

Oooohhh, tension building, sinister events 'appenin' aroound tha' toon, ahhh.  So much good writing today, full of fronted adverbials, a variety of other Openers and conjunctions, super verb choices - very specific to the task, and patience in slowly building up the suspense rather than dash in like a ferret down a bicycle-clipped trouser leg. Keep up the reflective, mindful approach dearest hearts. 

Well done all who chose to do the optional task, duly noted.

crash bang wallop drum roll please Ollie: 

English   - BOOKFLIX a page from own red for pleasure book, so I can enjoy some of what you are reading at home.  If you let me know the title and author that would be smashing.

               - Achievement Book to a high standard full of the last TWO weeks proud as punch, interesting as 'eck, or newsworthy moments. With BRILLIANT illustrations.

               - little spelling test on Rule 19 - try and earn an extra break.  (next week rule 20; the 'a' sound becomes an 'o' sound after a qu or w/sw)

Maths     - weekly skills 11 - try and beat your precious best, at least get right the annoying one from last week.

                   AND chimichangas now MOSS; burritos now SHIRE; tacos now SHEAF

Topic      - an illustration, painting, any medium to accompany your story so far?; a chance to finish off any learning left behind.

               - extra personal topic?

PE           - be out and about in the lovely weather, muddy paths by the river now drying out, so why not visit some running water? Top tip, toilet first.

Have a great weekend Orangs in Space, and enjoy the break before our last remote learning week. Soon be there, sorry here, and back with friends. 


Thursday 25th February, 2021

Arrgghh, was not a professional job of the ZOOM meeting, totally careless time management, schoolboy error and all that. So sorry to those who did not get to share, and will put you guys first next time. Let me know by Seesaw if you are 'giving up' anything for a few weeks, and any news that would have been good to share. But well done those who did speak this time, felt it was a bit more chatty than last time - will only get really, really chatty when it's just you guys and no teacher - get that.  So well done.

Range of Lent giving ups, some sensible 'get out mores' and 'less time on phones' and 'more time with folks' and 'no chocolate' ones, so a good mixed bag. I've actually given up international travel and going to the pub with friends, oh, and fluffy slippers and baked beans.

And now only 7 more school days to go until we are back in the bosom of our school family - how exciting.

And so, sausage roll please Indie:

English   - write the first 3 sections of the story. Refer often to Plans. Take time, this would be a 15 minute interaction with teacher, then a chat through own planning before seriously                                    rolling up sleeves and writing for 30-40 minutes: with rehearsal of sentences; reference to plans; changes; sharing and improving. 60 minutes in all. 

Maths    - triangle area 3.  Great job yesterday, but harder today.  Remember, if you have height that substitutes for length, then really you have width and length, so then X and / by 2 - like                                     yesterday.


Other    - for those that want to, optional, create another chart with rivers but this time World Rivers and choose the big ones. Where to they start? Finish? Flow through? Flow past? I know lots                             of you enjoy map work, so heyho, off you go.

PE        - so it is PE afternoon, so PE of own choice or pick something from the shared docs below: horse riding; man v horse race; bare back riding; how big is your dog? - maybe riding dog; bike                 riding; East Riding; Little Red Riding Hood; Ride a Cock Horse to Bambury Cross; scooter; subway; elevator; or like I say, an exercise of own choice might be better.


Wednesday 24th February, 2021

AND WE ARE PROBABLY BACK - THANK GOODNESS - AS LONG AS IT IS SAFE - AND I CAN NOT WAIT - HUZZAH.  So just 8 remote learning days to go, we can do that, light at the end of the tunnel.

Maybe, just maybe, the Gov are toying with us, and when we do return on Monday 8th March they will have a big news conference that evening and say we are all off school again until April Fools Day - gotcha!

'Please no, I want to see my friends and play tiggy toilet flush and pat-a-cake and kiss chase and ... '   

Calm down dear, just joshing.

Thank you for the Enterpriser's who put so much effort into the rainfall map, above and beyond, great job, you know who you are. And trust you enjoyed a bit of map work sourcing and outsourcing rivers - did the Don, Sheaf, Rother pop up on anyone's list? Yes, well done you guys who found out about the local - you know who you are. And the plans for the suspense story really taking shape, starting to be thought through, what will work, what do I need to simplify, gathering the words and phrases that will help make the story lively for the reader. All good stuff.

And so, Arctic roll please Jakey Pie:

English  -  use the step by step writing board to bullet point one's way through one's story, bit of trial and error. Where will you take away each of the safety aspects and replace with tension?

                  what will you describe in detail? Setting? Character reaction - throughout; any 'meanwhiles'? What are others doing our character does not know about? So do NOT write the story                             out fully, be doing that Thursday, Monday and Tuesday, but really hone down what will be going into each section. 

Maths   -  area of triangles, which is always half the area of a rectangle. So using the right angle, length X width then half it.   https://vimeo.com/507597205   

Other    - own passionate pursuit of personal topic.  Not bragging, just saying, on a 17 day Dualingo streak for Spanish, think I'm cracking it this time, so that would be mine.  WHat is yours? And                      how will you best present it starting from Wednesday 10th? 

PE         - well you know - out and about - gulping down fresh air like a stickleback out of water. 

Have a great day guys, keep trucking on and learning hard, and keep posting the learning and the hobbying.


Tuesday 23rd February, 2021

Well that was a blast. Loads of Enterprising Orangs in Space full on, back with a bang, and on to all the learning Monday.  Tonnes of uploads: kids done good with Maths; enjoyed reading the suspense story examples - yes, we have read them before, as they are perfect for expectations this time as well; Mexican Fiesta Day photos; hobby stuff; and of course the weather conundrum, where does it come from? And why? And then why does it rain more there, and less there? Some great answers, very technical and detailed some of yous, and all mostly on the right track.

Should we call the topic 'Many Rivers to cross...' ??    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kGeCeK85sUg   One of my favourites - play along on piano/guitar/drums guys? I'm on spoons.

So, Roald Dahl roll please Ruby:

English  - use the 'Help with planning' doc below to take your main character from a safe place to a scary place in order to help you plan your story.

             - maybe play with some ideas in the bit below

             - check out the Big Plan and start to fill in some of the sections, especially bullet pointing in the actual idea for a story; also some of the boxes with vocab/punctuation/openers.

             - then have a chat with a partner, tell them about your story, ask them if they think it will work

Maths   - more Area and Perimeter today than yesterday. Remember, if struggling with first 5 questions, just rewuest a bit of help via Seesaw, AFTER you have followed the Powerpoint and Vimeo


Topic    - little bit of research naming hills, RIVERS and bits of sea. Check out the 'major rivers and mountains of Britain' jpg below and then maybe with the help of the River to sea' doc as a blue                    print, find out where 10 main rivers of the UK rise and flow into the sea. Maybe name towns or cities (red dots on the map) or sights of interest they pass along the way.

                       River                        Hills / Mts                     Town/City/Interest                              Sea

                       Clyde                       Southern Uplands         Glasgow                                          Firth of Clyde

PE         - out and about in the beautiful sunshine, maybe communing with nature near water.  Loads of Spring flowers coming through; seeing my Kingfishers almost everyday at moment. What's                   life like along your nearest river bank?  (Photos? Xav's 'reflections in a pond' yesterday was lovely)

 Big Plan - suspense story.docxDownload
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Monday 22nd February

Is anybody there? HALLOOO! Are you hiding? It's me, Mr Thingymejig, that teacher bloke from Ridgeway. 

'Oh, so soon? Can't we juiced have another couple of days doing 'nout? Pleeaasse Mr T, oh, go on.'

NO. Get back on the horse - NOW! So many lessons, so little time. You'll be 21 before you know it and we have to DO Rivers, Area and Perimeter, Suspense story ... by the way, how do you keep a numpty in suspense? I'll tell you when we are all back in class.

So the first day after a hols is always a bit full on in terms of resources. Lots to read for the new genre of writing, heads around new maths topic, and of course slowly building up some understanding of our new topic which is Rivers - Why does it always rain on me? (is it 'cos I lied when I was 17?  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PXatLOWjr-k ).  So please do not be overawed, it will settle down by Wednesday and we will be in a routine and everything will be manageable and then only 6 weeks from our Easter hols - yippee!

And so, roly-poly roll please Evie M:

English  - read BOTH suspense stories, yes we have read them before, and get a feel for how we will need to write our own.

              - BOOKFLIX the one you like the best

              - BMG the one you liked the best in the first column. Tricky I know, but remember the SPAG features doc? And maybe quite a few dashes and / or dots.

              - just start to have a think about the Suspense story you might write - maybe the helpful doc could be helpful?

Maths    - early ideas for area, square cm's, or cm3.  Yes you can count the squares, but also think through the mastery problems.   https://vimeo.com/506226806  

Topic     - shade in the Rainfall map of Britain, preferably in 3 shades of the same colour: dark ...; medium ...; light ...

              - EXPLAIN WHY it is so much darker 'there' and so much lighter 'there'. What are the factors which means the rainfall is so much more in one place than another?

              - What question will you be using to find out the answer to the above? When researching, a clear, concise question is important to take you to a clear, concise answer.

PE         - maybe locate the nearest stream to your house, on a big walk for some fresh air and a relax after all that reading and area-ing.


Friday 12th February 2021

Kun Fat Choy!! Not sure my Chinese is up to standard anymore. So what better way to end our first half term of 2021 than to say 'Happy Chinese New Year'.  Now for many of our Orangs  (not one of the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac) it is actually their birth animal, the OX.  And like so many of our Enterprisers: bullish; stubborn; docile; grass eating; muck spreading; and horns on side of head. And tails. Nah, only my little joke, ha, ha, ha.  But I know we had Mexcian Fiesta Day last week, but how about a Chinese takeaway this week? Less bother, feet up, charades the fortune cookies, watch Mulan - animated or new human version.  Just me influencing myself again, almost certainly talked myself into this now. And thanks to 'sticky chicken' Tom and 'chow mein' Max for reminding me; no thanks at all to 'sweet'n'sour' Sanderson,  'chopstick' Charlie nor Widow Twanky Tomlinson who did not remind me - hhmppff.

And so to the end of our Mexico topic, hopefully we would all like to visit, soak up some of the culture, and is now on our bucket list once lockdown allows international travel.  With hindsight, a topic on Brid' or Skegvegas would have been more relevant given the circumstances.  If nothing else, we will always have Mexican Fiesta day, every year on the 5th February, forever, and remember with a happy sigh and full tummy the good times of remote learning Spring 1 Y6.  And when you guys are old and grey, with grandchildren of your own, the whacking of the pinyata and eating of similar ingredient food will bring back happy memories every 5th of Feb. Aah, arriba underlay amigos, ole!

I need a break!

English    -  finishing off the story to a wonderful standard if not done so already.

                - at some point over the Friday / weekend, Achievement Book please.

                - Read Theories; read lots for pleasure; read for personal topic.

                - spellings rule 19 - plurals endings

Maths      - weekly skills  10.  (half termly test 3 for a 30-40 minute blast at some point through the hols IF and when you feel like it. (will post the answers next Friday)

Other       - most folk have illustrations to complete.

PE            - wander around aimlessly with someone you love, get lost, but then find your way home for a big mug of hot chocolate with the works and a pineapple fritter.

Very Important Point: Rest, have fun, help out around the house, look after your folks, get out and about, and learn for yourself. 

See yous in spring 2 when I am hoping Spring will be springing although not sprung. 


Thursday 11th February, 2021

Sometimes wonder how my old friends the flamingos, musk oxen, Komodo dragons, warthogs and bushbabies are getting on back at Thornton Towers, in this weather, with the new owners, the Trump family:  promised they wouldn't build a hotel or casino or a wall but would look after the animals like their own children - rumours spreading down the hill about a new golf course, mmm, hope they don't intend turning the flamingos upside down and using them as clubs; flamingo golf? probably use my dormice as balls? my python collection as pins? Nah, just rumourmongering.

Come on City!! No, not Swansea City, the Manchester Citizens. And of course the Blades again the City of Bristol. And good win Owls against the Chairboys (honest) and now out of the relegation zone.  And great news, Pogon Szezcin top of the Polish first division - get in. 

Enough football blah, let's Disney up tomorrow eh? So, Mulan egg roll please Isla:

English   - BMG and uplevel if not managed to do so today - I know a few struggling to finish - so take time and finish and BMG to own brilliant best

               - write up in best handwriting, and layout and organisation.

               - illustrate (see other below)

Maths     - miles to kilometres and kilometres to miles; divide by 5 and times by 8 or divide by 8 and times by 5.  Bit of Imperial measures.    https://vimeo.com/505789895   

Other      - either lots of illustrations sprinkled throughout the writing (but not borders!) to lift the text and make beautiful. Or, a lovely big illustration of one scene, chosen carefully, to enhance                      the whole story.  

PE          - either choose from an activity from those sheets I keep posting which seem to be going down like lead balloons,

              - or, basketball

              - orer, big outdoors, fresh air stuff in the crisp Winter air loving life. 


Wednesday 10th February, 2021

S'no go amigo, s'no good. Although my car will be a lot safer, 5 cars hit on our road last night, in two separate incidents, but the 'satsuma' survived the scare, thankfully, and lives to drive another day.  Good community spirit at new 'rancho' , lots of folk out clearing and gritting today, think we might have had more snow here than Ridgeway, maybe. Trust you guys have all been helping out the folks and the local estates and communities? Shovelling - an art; snow off drives, pavements - usually worse than the roads, roofs and important local landmarks: chippy; the chippy a bit further away; and that really good chippy but a bit of a drive.  And helping out those who would find it hard to shovel themselves - but can one shovel oneself? Mmmm, tricky.

And snow, without further ado, bread roll please Jay:

English     -  AARRGGHH!! I got Mac 4 and 5 the wrong way around- careless and reckless again. BAH!

                   - ending ending today.  So not too much writing, tie all the loose ends together, and we all live happily ever after but much wiser. (Certainly read Mac 5 - Bookflix optional)

                 - then, and only then, take a break from writing.

                 - then, and only then, when you've had a brew and a plain chocolate digestive, Pupil / Partner mark the BMG fairly. 

                 - discuss the marking of the BMG with a lovely older/younger sibling, or lovely fair minded adult.

                 - then, and most certainly then, UPLEVEL ALL YOUR WRITING.  Adding in extra features, maybe missing or rarely used features, in pen, for about 15 minutes to improve one's story.

Maths       - measures again, bit more problem solving based. Remember to convert if needed, that would help.     https://vimeo.com/504806436   

Other       -  own project. Sounds like most Orangs in Space getting on and producing something that is life enhancing; knowledge building; skill fulfilling.  So do not rush to an end.

                    These projects can run across half term (my own will) and into the next half term for those couple of weeks (come on Johnson, make an announcement!) fingers crossed.

PE            =  fresh air.


Tuesday 9th February, 2021

We didn't get to watch an episode of Dora the Explorer, my daughter's favourite TV show growing up. How many times I've watched Boots and Dora try to find the chocolate tree with Swiper trying to trick them, oh la la, bueno magnifico televisiono.  Come on, let's watch it again and sing along:   


The videos and pics keep 'hat dancing' and 'salsa-ing' in and the S12 communities must have wondered what had got into everyone with Mariachi music blaring and Arriba! Underlaying carrying across the valleys.  Bueno.

And as I am clearly running out of anything vaguely interesting to say,  Arabian roll please Maddie and Alice, and on to Tuesday's learning:

English   - Bookflix Mac 4 OPTIONAL. But DO read it in order to get the feel for what is required in your writing today.

               - writing towards resolving the main problem, maybe another small problem first - up to thee - but do not rush; keep slowly building tension and keep the reader guessing.

               - your Big Plan should be fully filled in before starting today.

Maths     - round 2 of metric measures. PLEASE check out the Power Point (Vimeo as well if needed) as you work through the sheet.  https://vimeo.com/504805400   

Other     -  round 2 of our comparison with England and Mexico. So people this time, be creative, can choose anyone really, but famous AND MEXICAN!

PE          - out and about, especially if we enjoy another light snow day.  Perfect walking weather, enjoy it while we can.


Monday 8th February, 2021

QUE a Mexican Fiesta day/weekend/week - thank you so much Enterprising parents - and of course our Orangs in Space - for putting such a big effort into making a change, and trying to make a memorable event during our topic half term. Normally, we would have taken a trip to Cancun, soaked up all the atmos, dipped our toesies into the Gulf, and Fiesta'd all night long; but not to be, so great to bring Cancun (or Albuquerque) to S12 and around. The photo and video uploads were such fun: dressing up; boys in dresses and cowboy boots; maracas left, right and centre; pinyatas being whacked; colourful sombreros, home-made and bought; big moustaches - I was out-classed out-tashed; mocktails; Hat Dance Discos; and of course the food, so mmuuuccchhhhho beuno tacos, quesadillas, moles, tortillas, dips, chips, puddings (mostly with chocolate), and so mouthwatering. Fantastic job guys. 

And so, to the last week of half-term and our learning for this week: and then a very well earned rest; the effort we have put in during such a difficult time has been immense, and just about every Enterpriser could have been STAR of the Week every week, so proud. (No overview as each day is fairly explanatory and needs little additional resources sourced)

And so to the final Mexican topic Monday, bacon roll please Max: (white bread with brown - cheers cocker)

English    - Bookflix Mac 3 please, doc below.  especially VIP and focus on technical features from the BMG / Big Plan.

               - write own '3' using another small problem to add to the previous problems / dilemmas - keep keeping it simple.

               - as well as the usual standards we are focussing on from the BMG, try extra hard to use brilliant, specific verbs - as the author so often does in the Mac story.

Maths     -  quick blast on converting measures: knowing our mass (weight) from our volume from our length; and our cm's from our km's. 

               - have a quick weigh in the kitchen using the scales; have a quick measure in the 'room' thinking about m's and cm's. That will help with the paper learning.

                - https://vimeo.com/504804646    

Other       -  TODAY AND TOMORROW.    Today, Places of Interest ONLY (that would be 3 pages only) following the pattern set out on the PDF doc below.  A pulling together of our topic - which                          will probably require you to create a similar doc to work on.  (might ask you guys to design a short picture quiz for later in the week)

PE          - after our Zoom meeting Friday, sounds like getting out and about at least once a day was a positive help for our Mindfulness, whatever the weather, so maybe head out for a blast of                         fresh air - take the dogs, but leave the bearded dragons and snakes at home please.


Fiesta Friday 5th February, 2021

And so Merry Christmas, and what have you done? Another year over, and .... STOP! Wrong festival. This is a Ridgeway 'our topic is Mexico' festival - with all the trimmings, or at least some of the trimmings - and turkeys are from Mexico originally, mmmm, doubt it. So we have had the pic'n'mix doc from Monday with a list of 'could do if can be bothered or have the time activities', maybe catch up a little with those, or just focus on the food and drink. The main thing is to just have a bit of fun, with the family, and certainly not be stressed by the need to go all Speedy Gonzalez.

BUT, and yes, it was a big but, still a little house keeping to take care of on systems Friday, just a little, so drum roll please Ollie:

English   - catch up with Read Theory, join the 100 club soon. In first position at moment 572, followed by 330, Bronze 272, but at least join the 100 club soon if still 2 digits. But it is not  a                                 competition - oh no, only with oneself. Honest.

               - spelling test[; next week's rule 18B, words ending in -y to -ies.

               - Achievement Book but after all the Mexicana, then it will be easy to celebrate.

Maths      - weekly skills 9, of course. Thank you for marking and making score clear before uploading.



Thursday 4th February, 2021

ZOOM, chase the day awayyyyyyyy - FAt Larry's Band - classic. So, it may come to pass that we can 'meet' on Zoom this Friday about 2.30 if all parents have accepted terms and conditions on ParentPay once Mr Wilson has popped it on.  If so, will let all know the 'agenda' so we all get a word in but mostly listen to each other's news of the day(s) daze.

Lots of lovely learning being posted yesterday. Unbelievable Jeff how many are more than coping with the Algebra, yeehah! Slight shift today, but still only counting and times-ing cubes, really.

Remember, do not spend overly long on the maths; 45 minutes of concentration should be an acceptable amount of time, whether finished or not.

Stories taking shape, get your first page right, the rest can follow, and the reader can follow with some pleasure.

And so to today's learning, Music Lab roll please Anya:

English    - phase 2 of our story. Read doc first. Gentle. Look at features, do similar. Small problems take shape. Only. Do not get carried away and write reams.

Maths      - bit more algebra.  Introducing the letters really.          https://vimeo.com/499980673   

Other      -  bit more prep for Friday's or whatever day's Fiesta.

               - maybe start or finish the SMART stay safe on t'internet - with adult chatting close by.

PE           - maybe dig out the basketball (or snow shovel) or look at docs below to investigate, and huff and puff some PE.


Wednesday 3rd February, 2021

Another snow day, so soon. Like buses, wait for ages then they all come at once, except the buses weren't running.  Thank you for the pictures and fun sharing yesterday, hope my own pics were not a step too far, but did say I would share a few snaps from Thornton Hutch.  Lots going on ahead of Mexican Fiesta Day, saw bunting, recipes, more music and dancing, one of those mechanical bulls, a boy smoking a huge cigar whilst playing the maracas (honest), and an inflatable cactus like they have at car show rooms - 40ft tall.  It does snow in Mexico, dursn't it?

And so to another lockdown learning day, Mariachi roll please Loganberry:

English    - re-read Mac story beginning, get a feel for the standard of sentence structure and features used, especially great Openers, dialogue and verb - adverb combinations.

                - write introduction to story, try and use some Dialogue and Action and Description to introduce setting AND characters.

                - at very end, once scene and characters are set, only then, suggest main problem - finish on a little cliff hanger which will set up the whole story.

                - be patient. Rehearse. Think through. And those slightly ... , really work hard to set the story up today please.

Maths      - Algebra 2 steps.  So think about it, pretend to put numbers in to the 'machines' rather than just look, do.  And see how far one gets. Great effort from you guys yesterday.


Other      -  over to you.  Run to stand still catch up. Own project. Prep for Mexican Fiesta Day. 

T'other other  - Stay SMART online assigned task please. Very important. Get folks involved and show them how SMART and safe you stay online.


Tuesday 2nd February, 2021

Mucho appreciato thar plans for a simple mix up style adventure story, almost all of the ones I have received - and can read - are on the mark, except for the dream within a dream sci-fi alien world saga from the lad who didn't read what it said on the tin. Have it!!  So keep it simple. In an environment you know well, main characters you know well, therefore the language and descriptions will flow easily.  LOvely to receive some prep for Mexican Fiesta Day already:  Jenks' musical composition very good so far; Abbie's tea time plans coming together; and all the 'big' shops being planned. (Don't leave it too late for acquiring a pinyata!)

And so to SLOWWWWW Tuesday: 

English   - practise writing dialogue AGAIN using speech marks, and punctuation which goes with them, correctly.  Yes, we did use the Barney and Lou examples last year, but thought that                                might jog one's memory as you learn from one, then correctly punctuate the other , on the doc below. (No need to upload)

               - really give filling in the plan a good go today; prep your specific verbs (with adverbs?); great ISPACED Openers especially using ING /LY as in the text; noun phrases including                                 adjectives and adjectival phrases sometimes; advanced punctuation such as parenthesis, colons, semi-colons; yet also connectives to open and join sentences such as 'yet' and                               'such'; and at least one word per day ending in -tion or -sion.

Maths     - our first ALGEBRA lesson. Actually, very simple numbers involved, just think logically. Lots of working forward: lots of working backwards.  Really get to grips with this today as                                tomorrow builds from it.  Just have a cold, damp flannel handy for placing on mum or dad's forehead if they start freaking out at the word ALGEBRA!! They thought they would                               never have to hear it mentioned ever again.  (But it is actually quite easy when one thinks about it - at our level anyhous)

Other     -  preparing for our Mexican Fiesta Day, whatever will help bring it to life.

              - and as always, get out and about and be helpful. If the sun shines, be eager to take the dog for a walk, commune with nature, tidy up the garden, and enjoy the fresh air.


Monday 1st February, 2021

BIG, BIG, BIG, BIG, BIG, BIG, BIG week tha na's - 'is it? Why teacher-my-teacher? - well if you sit still and be a good boy or girl, I'll tell you.  Now, are you sitting comfortably children? Then I shall begin ...   It's MEXICAN FIESTA FRIDAY!!!!!!!! So check out all the 'stuff' which I respectfully suggest on the doc below, but then check out all the 'stuff' you could bring to the party oneself.  Our 'other creative' afternoon's this week are mostly about prep for Friday.

( - or another day or time you prefer)


So here we go with a slightly different set  up as so much info to share today, but several days to get our heads around all this learning, so take one's time, it will all come together.

English this next two weeks is to create a short story based on Mac's Adventure which I am sharing below.  This story is for slightly younger children, but the framework and the content is most certainly Y6 standard, full of the features Enterprisers are regularly asked to use.  So today please read all 5 Mac docs, in order, and you will discover something like our story mountain, you know - introduction - main problem - smaller problems - resolution - ending - and can plan accordingly.  Keep it simple.  Use a pet and places and people you are familiar with. 


Reading   -  all 5 pages of Mac's Adventure     (Bookflix the first page only)

Writing    - Hmmm and Rrrrrr and Hhmmpff about own story ideas, the first one will probably only be ok, keep thinking, talking, then only commit to filling in top 4 boxes of Big Plan when                            happy-ish.      (One will almost certainly change bits and bobs as one bobs along)    No more than 2 o3 small problems, as these will be a section each, the more small                                                 problems,  the more writing one will need to do, especially next Monday.  (I've included the BMG to start with FYI only, as we do in class, so we can see what our                                                            expected finished story will contain in terms of layout and organisation, and technical features)


Maths today is our final blast at percentages, but this time a MASTERY lesson using bar models and own noodle to work out what the whole must be if we are only given a part. If you study the power point, and listen to the nice lady on the Vimeo, then should be fine to own high standards.            https://vimeo.com/498013311   


Friday 29th January

Hold on to your sombreros amigos, because this is systematique Viernes; or as it may come to pass - Chocolatee Fridee!! 

Many amazing, wonderful, finished non-chronological reports; full of beautiful presentation skills, informative writing, and derring-do. What a beuno mixture.  Really enjoyed them, and know not all able to finish, so more to come Friday, and even over the weekend would be most welcome.  The animals we have reported on include: ocelot, axolotl, bobcat, spider monkey, jaguar, whale shark, box turtle, leatherback turtle, macaw, parrot, wolf, mountain lion, tamandua, prairie dog, and of course our old friend the Mariachi guitar playing meerkat, from Africa.

OK, Ollie, over to you, drum roll please: 

English    - spelling test on rule 16 - ick or ic?   Next week rule 17 TCH or DGE (Can group 3 choose 1 more from group 2 please)

                - Read Theories; read and follow recipes.

                - achievement book later in the day (or over weekend) set out fully, brilliantly, and with colour.

Maths      - weekly skills 8   

Other       - Food Tech Friday - what creative culinary treat will you cook this week to make Mr T's tummy rumble?

T'other other - any finishing off and catching up, notice a few slippages this week. Folks, I will be checking XTRockstar and Read Theory today in order to celebrate successes.


Thursday 28th January, 2021

And it's all coming together now. What is? All, all of it. The whole kit and kaboodle. What's a 'kaboodle'? You know - a thingymijig. Oh aye, yeah, like a gizmo? That's it chuckie-buttie.

Thank you for the 'chats' today, great to hear from the guys who I do not get to see in school now and then. Sounds like most of you are having lots of upbeat days and in a decent routine with learning and living and forgetting and forgiving.  If I didn't speak with you today, either you didn't answer phone, or I am calling tomorrow so please be ready for the 'unknown caller' as it might be me. Or, know not to answer it, hide in the bathroom until it has stopped ringing.  

My fingers are so cold in this class rtoom with the widdows open, making lots of ytpinG ismkates.

So here we go, egg roll please Eggy McEggface:

English     - finished non-chronological report. Big sheet of paper. Gently sketch where the central, big coloured illustration will go.  Gently sketch where each information section will go.                           Remember title, date, intro and sub-headings.  Bestest writting, beautifully presented, make folks cry tears of joy and pride at wonderous child prodigy. Think it through. Still                          uplevel if needed.

                     Upload finished article to Seesaw Margery Daw to make teacher cry as well.

Maths         - % of amounts 2.  They're back! Bigger, bolder, better than ever. (A sequel better than the original - now there's a thing - apart from Toy Story and Shrek!)


Other       -  check out some of these PE / Mindfulness type activity websites.  Not all ball or strenuous exercise, some more Disneyesque or thoughtful ways to exercise, think you will like                             the mixture, something for everyone.

Have a lovely day guys, Team Enterprise _ORANGS IN SPACE!!


Wednesday 27th January, 2021

Hi guys, thank you for all your hard work yesterday, so mucho bueno Maths, writing and craftiness, you and your folks deserve a pat on the back - but give them fair warning, and not while eating or drinking.  I have enjoyed learning so much about the animal choices, many newish to me, and certainly did not know how endangered or not, nor what the problems they were facing, nor how humankind can help make the world a better place for them. So great job.

I'm in school Wednesday / Thursday, but with Mr Biggs and MIss Atkins riding shotgun, so should still be able to mark as I have been, as well as reach out for a phone chat with some more Orangs in Reduced Space. So if it rings tomorrow, and it is an unknown number, it will either be me, or you have won the lottery!! Fairly equal results me do think Yoda.

And so to Weds morning learning, sausage roll please Will:

English       - concluding sentence(s) just to look back and recap on the text so far; sum it up for the reader and maybe an opinion from yourself.

                   -  interesting facts which are left over keep to one side, as these will form a small section of finished report: 'Did you know...'

                   - Read BMG. Read own writing from beginning to end and use the BMG to 'tick off' features used.

                   - if not enough, or missing, then add the features in pen ahead of tomorrow's big write.

                   - really helps if someone can give their opinion of the features used, some excellent adult help last time, which will hopefully provoke a useful discussion.



Maths      -  is percentages of amounts - a different skills to yesterday. Think through the power point; listen to the video 'lady'. Use previous skills.


                    Q4 is a good example of mastery maths, recognising patterns, using them to help with the next set of answers.

Other        - catch up with any missed learning: carry on with personal projects.


Tuesday 26th January, 2021

The learning keeps crashing in to the Seeshaw: full of semi-colons, decimals, parenthesis, brain ache, great Openers, twigs snapshots, %s, colourful design, target boards, belly button fluff and heart felt wishes - how perfectly charming dearests.  Would like to see some more faces on the uploads, as well as voices, and if currently doing neither, then come on, it's lonely half way down the hill - and I would welcome your company for a few moments every day.  

All good STUFF and well done to Team Enterprise for such positivity - keep up the hard work and super attitude.

And so, violin roll please Big Em', on to today's learning:

English    -  reading comprehension on healthy eating bean burger. Choose your preferred level. Could be your choice of Mexican snap Food Tech Friday? Or the other option from creative?

                - writing our last section today, huzzah!!!  So what can you tell me about the future of your chosen animal? How will they survive in the wild? Are they endangered at all? Can we                       protect their habitat? How? What is being done? Any charity or projects helping? What do they do? What can WE do to help? Let's give this a reet good go, and of course, more                          reading up will be required, this is a tough one to gather enough information for 4 or 5 brilliant sentences.

                - bring all our skills to bear on this section: parenthesis, great openers, relative clauses, semi-colons, technical vocabulary, SPECIFIC VERBS; plus all the other features we know to                      produce.

Maths      - ordering (DO AS YOU ARE TOLD!!) fractions-decimals-percentages using the skills practised yesterday.         https://vimeo.com/497582311     

                   Today, I have saved the power point as a PDF as some folk without Windows finding it hard to download - let me know if you are having problems and I can upload as usual. 

Other       - God's Eye is watching you, if your Mexican Weaving goes well. If not, two twigs with a tangle of wool will be watching you - ooohhhh!!! 

                   Mummm! MUMMMM!!! The twigs won't stay still and I can't tie a knot and the wool keeps slipping and it's too hard and I can't ...    Remember, no tiny tears big boys and girls.


Monday 25th January, 2021

MOnday MOnday, ahaa ahaa, so good to me, aha aha -  was just about to burst into a song, but can't sing in class because of covid, although some might argue can't sing full-stop....

Annoyingly, all the resources I ordered for this half terms topic have now arrived back at the ranch: hundreds of feathers, including ostrich; masks; 3D skulls to bejewel and adorn; and other Day of the Dead paraphernalia ahead of our art and craft this half term. Our Day of the Dead day, will only be postponed, we will use all of these resources, and come in dressed appropriately with full make up and lots of treats in store at some point this year - YOU WILL HAVE FUN - just later.  Although, figured we could do our Mexican Fiesta Day a week on Friday, 5th February, and enjoy food, drink, dancing, craftiness, mariachi, pinyata?, and much more.  Will post many ideas next Sunday so we can prepare through the week. Arriba!!

How did the intra-school star jumping go? Most joined in, but not all. Unfortunately, a few scores arrived too late to be counted. Maybe this week, practise Mon-Wed, then go for it properly on Thursday and post with score attached.

The other / creative doc is below, check it out for the week ahead. Below, right now, today's learning:

English   - Reading:  the power point about the Chihuahuan Desert in Mexico. Just thought it would be interesting to read a report, about a place rather than an animal, to get the feel for a                         finished product.  (You will need a BIG piece of paper type thing for Thursday when we write up in best - this could end up as a poster on thar wall if proud enough)

                Writing    -  our Lifecycle and Reproduction section today.   Born - how? how many? where?; stages of development; life span; parenting? together or apart? until what age?; when                    independent? plus much, much more.


                 USE semi-colons today and tomorrow, check out this link for how to.          


                 PLUS of course Scientific vocab.; parenthesis; specific verbs; relative clauses; great sentence Openers.  (BMG will be released on Wednesday with list of features to be used)

                 At least 4 or 5 brilliant sentences - this did not say 1 or 2 - yes, 4 or 5 please.  Some very able writers only managing the minimum last week - and yes, that might mean YOU.


Maths    -  equivalent fractions to decimals to percentages.  Use all your previous experience from last week's fractions / decimals, and then think about converting to % with a 100                                      denominator.                      https://vimeo.com/492474663       

Creative     - all on doc below; Mexican weaving doc.

SPAG        -  thought I would pop another SPAG on for information yet also has a quiz on each section. Hopefully, will help with some of the technical jargon on Big Plan and BMG.


Friday 22nd January, 2021

And so it continues ... to systems Friday, the day of judgement which strikes terror into the hearts of all 10-11 year old learners: who will survive the latest round of spellings and weekly skills? Who has Achieved mucho this weeko? And have you prepped for Mexican food tech Friday tea / din dins / snap? Like it spicy? Mexico, the home of the chilli - who dares the tabasco tongue challenge? (Don't know what that is, but just popped out (Ma or Pa might be daft enough to fall for a special mouthful of chilli? Maybe?))

And so, spoon roll Abbie please:

English     -  SPELLING TEST rule 15 from last week.                 (next week's spelling rule 16 - ick or ic?) 

                 - writing: section all about your animal's food chain: what eats it? what it eats? what they eat? little background on where they find their food; how easy it is to find; nearby? or                          travel long way?  why have they evolved to eat or be eaten this way? How do they avoid being seen to hunt or hide? etc, etc, etc, etc, etc.

                - MUST include lots of connectives; prepositions; and some relative clauses beginning with words like with/who/where/when/whose/that either at the front or middle or end of                             sentences.   


                 - AT SOME POINT TODAY OR THROUGH WEEKEND write up Achievement Book: at least 3 sentences about 1. Learning I've set.  2. Learning of your own.  3. Some'ut else worth                              noting for a future you.


Maths        -  weekly skills 7 please.  Only 14 managed to load to the special folder by clicking on RESPONSE first, then filling in sheet. 

                  -  please mark maths each day, and weekly skills, before uploading please. Even better, marked and some corrections in a different coloured pen.


Other         - bit of cooking today or over weekend? Mexican something, the quesadillas went down a storm (at Thornton Towers anyhous - oh, don't mention the Towers, tearing up), and                                were reet tasty looking. Bit of spice this week?


And then have a lovely rest and relax. Grab the tin bath from the outside lavvy, fill it up with boiling water from the keckle, use that Christmas bath bomb in the tub, and relax in front of the fire, in front of the family, in the middle of the front parlour, and whistle the Bare Necessities. 


Thursday 21st January, 2021

Thank you for the patience, the bare withness, this week, and just about back on track with our learning. So maybe a slight shift of gears today. 

Personal projects starting to take shape, so many different interests: weather images, goalkeeping analysis, Spanish, German, ludo, kerplunk, reading tea leaves, 'how to become a space cadet', piano (not Beryl!), sports psychology, Owls, bathroom grouting, and 'why has Jurgen Klopp gone so mardy?'  Phew! I'd better start reading up so as I can help with a few pointers.  (Although obvious why Klopp is so mardy)

English       -   so Monday, having read a little around the 6 named animals, with a few notes; Tuesday committing to one and fully researching for the Big Plan boxes; Wednesday just                                    getting started with intro sentences; we are now ready to write our main 5/6 sentence sections.


                    - TODAY. Writing about habitat (our sub-heading), where our animal is found. 

                          - Fill in box on Big Plan then use a few additional connectives to add extra detail, as well as a couple of prepositional phrases.

                           Good-ish one below.

 Mexican mice are a special species, who live in the the mountainous desert regions towards the north of the country on the border with the US.  In the dry, hot daytime heat, they remain in hobbit like burrows below ground, waiting for the cool air that clear desert skies bring at dawn and dusk in order to dash out and scavenge for food. Up here in the desert, extremes of temperature are the norm, from -12 some Winter evenings to + 45 some Summer days.  Therefore, these mice have specially adapted to their habitat, wearing ponchos and sombreros in the colder times, yet happily foraging without clothes on hotter days. Unlike their 'cousins' from other habitat regions of Mexico, the rainforests, coastal swamps and even Pacific Ocean where water is abundant, these mice, where water rarely falls,  mainly drink the juice of the cactus, using a spike to dig in to the flesh to 'tap' a sweet sticky flow then stick the spike back in to stop it for another unrainy day. Additionally, the mice of the Sonoran desert are known for their speed and cheeky recklessness on the rare occasions it does rain in the desert, shrieking 'Arriba! Underay!' and chasing ducks and cats having gorged on the cactus flowers. 


  Please view this wildlife information film to find out more about these amazing little creatures.            



Maths        -  % (percentages) finally!  So today a fairly gentle start working out fractions to %. Basically, trying to form fractions out of 100, so it's easy to convert.

                         e.g. 45/100 is 45%              23/50 times the denominator by 2 to make 100, so times numerator by 2:   46/100 = 46%



Other         -   Supposed to be basketball this week, as well as keep working on the intra-school star jump competition. However, if weather inclement, here is next week's PE - drum roll                                     please Ollie - the Mexican Hat Dance. Have a nosy at the link below, and start to practise with or without sombrero. (Will be need for our Mexican Fiesta day in week 5)



Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, 18th-20th January, 2021

Dearest Enterprisers, loved all the uploads of snow fun and warming Mexican food, and always the expected learning - many big hitter scores on Weekly Skills.

As you guys know, sold Thornton Towers in September, and waiting ever since for slow coaches in our chain to finally be ready for the big move; well, we were told this was happening Friday tea time, and moving this Tuesday, so a very short turnaround and all hands to the pumps, boxes galore, and your folks might tell you a very busy, stressful time.  Therefore, as I can not be available some of this week, thought I would post 3 day's learning so we can all get on at our own pace - I will still be marking but very much on catch up - and also in school Wednesday so a chance to fully focus on my big, bouncy, beautiful Orang's uploads. Alliteration.



                 - Look at the animals on the doc, read to research their names, and a little about them.

              - choose a couple to read more about and make a few general notes (look at the Big Planner below to find out the sections we will be writing about in our report)

               - don't just COPY, especially words and phrases that are gobbledegook, think about what you have read, and write notes in your own words.

Maths     - division problems with decimals                          https://vimeo.com/490691954

Other      - Sketch only (read the Overview) a couple of the animals, one's you are interested in and may choose to focus on. (some useful sketching tutorials on interwebnet)



English    -  now start to fully focus on one animal from Mexico (can choose one's own if passionate) and begin to make full notes that will match with the non-chron planner doc above.

Maths      - decimals as fractions                              https://vimeo.com/490693175

Other       - full colour image of chosen animal (with background if time and preference) - take time, enjoy slowly creating a beautiful image.



English    - bullet point key ideas, into the 5 sections of information from your notes, which will be need in order to write our report. (can look up more later, but make a good start)

                - write a clear title, and then a 2 sentence introduction to our report, explaining what it will be and why we are writing it.

Maths       - fractions to decimals 1                                https://vimeo.com/491237616

Other       - own lockdown project.  Begin to get serious this week, and think through how you will present it to me on Seesaw, but also the class.



Friday 15th January, 2021

IIIITTTTTSSSSSSSS -  drum roll please Ollie - SYSTEMS FRIDAY everyone; YEAHHH!! A welcome relief after all that snow day fun yesterday, too much fun if you ask me, a lot of giddiness going around the town.  Snow people were mostly awesome, and sales of carrots gone up in S12 200%.  Which works out at how much per carrot? MMmm? Come on - do the MATH! 

If everyone brings their carrot in when the snow has deserted us and rocked off to the Alps, fickle friend indeed, then that would be a suitable prize for best Snow T'ing - bag of carrots.     

So still enjoy the snow, cold and ice, make sure elderly neighbours are looked after, and still mostly about having fun tomorrow as the snow should disappear Saturday as it is a balmy 7*.  Yet, do a bit of learning as well, so here goes:

English      -  write Book Review up in best as a coherent piece of text which includes your BMG uplevelling and still be thinking through minor improvements as you go.

                  - show off your amazing (not necessarily sarcastic compliment) handwriting

                 - Achievement book at some point, but maybe later in the weekend after snow has gone

                  - spellings this week will be rule 15 from the spelling Powerpoint which I am re-publishing below.

Maths         - weekly skills 6 - which I am designating on Seesaw, like i did with icy tree and shoop photos, so please click green + sign so it goes into special folder for me - cheers ears

Other         - well, supposed to be Food Tech, could still well be if ingredients are to hand; Maddie has dug out her Mexican Cookbook, so expecting fireworks from Spe-R-E at teatime.

                    (Quesadilla recipe below, but ....  whatever)

Take care guys, have lots of fun, kind of see you Monday.


Thursday 14th January, 2021

Forgot to post, because Citeh were playing probably. Feedback from this afternoon's 'own project' slow down and catch up has been positive, so thank you for those messages.  And, already some eye-brow raising individual projects: Barry Bannan - hero or zero; War Hammer - how I fell back in love; trams or shovels - best invention ever; and the art of twisting parents round one's little finger; to list but a few.  Will talk through the BMG on video t'ing, mostly for loved adults sake,  and say hi from the beating heart of Team Enterprise - 'we will own the world by 2045 / Orangs in Space'.

Regards English, young Orangs, as I always say, we might not always know every word and phrase on the BMG, but we do know most. So either self-mark, or partner mark with someone older and wiser, and explain our mark system using full squares, diagonals, dash and dot.  Then, preferably with help, but if none available using own noggin, spend at least 20 minutes thinking through and uplevelling the last 4 days writing.  As well as including more of the taught features (parenthesis; noun phrases; sentence openers (maybe clauses?) one could also improve word choices - especially lots of little words for more precise ones - and spelling, and punctuation.  

Then we will be absolutely ready for tomorrow's write up in best.

Maths    - dividing decimal numbers by an integer.       (bus stop method revision)               - remember where decimal point goes? 

Other    - PE today will be linked to basketball. Any bouncy ball will do; any excuse for a 'hoop' (bin, chalk a circle on a wall, hoody hood) and then practise dribbling and shooting. Maybe                               someone is around to play a game, bit of one on one, or shooting comp.  Give it a good go, this is yuour afternoon activity, even if not your t'ing.  

T'other other   - finish off and clear the slate ready for Systems Friday.


Wednesday 13th January, 2021

Thank you for the responses from yesterday's learning, as always at the moment, a lot of hard work and pride in finished learning - I'm very proud of how we have handled our first full week of re-Remote teaching and learning.

Maths seems to be ticking along very well, a few bumps in the road, but this is almost what we should have been learning, so keep up the super can-do attitude.  Will try and change it up once this mini-unit has ended, probably with some Take 10's.

We continue to prepare our writing section by section, extra skill by extra skill being layered in each day.  So thank you for those who are still using parenthesis, ISPACE sentence Openers, noun phrases, as well as write each day's reason for why another 'child' should also read that book. Remember who you are targeting with this piece of writing.

And the art! People pigeon-hole themselves ( I can do it / I can't do it / I'm rubbish / Secretly, I know I'm good at it) and therefore live up or down to their own expectations.  What has been lovely these last few days is to see most, if not all, Enterprisers having a great go at producing a piece of art to be proud of, and succeeding.  Patience, hard work, a concrete way forward, and hey presto! a beautiful cat wearing fruit on it's head. 

I'm back in school today so bear with regards the marking:

PE - out early for a fresh air blast around the block, take dogs?  Or is it that snow day after all? Keep an eye on the weather.

English - writing the final section now which is the recommendation. Popped a decent-ish one below to check out.

              - include suitability for age group; boys or girls or both; author's language choices; overall plot; humorous or emotional or exciting; extra features such as illustrations, maps, glossary.

             - and tricky one, how did it make you, the reader, feel at different times?

              - is there a little something that could make it even better? (then it sounds as if you are being fair even though you are actually being biased)

             - keep in mind, have you encouraged (persuaded) others to read it?

              - and finally, give it a star rating out of 5.

Having read about the amazing, fun plot; the quirky, funny characters; and my personal highlights - I know you can't wait to read Aquila for yourself. But there's more! Andrew Norris has written a hilarious book, full of funny situations, perfect for boys and girls who have a good sense of humour themselves. The vocabulary used, and sentence structures, is appropriate yet challenging for young people aged 8 to 14 - and great for our teacher to read out loud. There are not many illustrations (or maps) to really speak of, and this may be an area for the book to improve on. However, overall, this unputdownable book is a terrific read which will split your sides laughing at Geoff and Tom's cliffhanging adventures.

I would thoroughly recommend this book and give it 5 out 5 stars.


Maths    -  multiplying decimals by integers (whole numbers)              https://vimeo.com/490690764    

Other / Creative - is a change to the planned activity earlier this week as Mrs W is working in school and marking other classes.  As it happens, given some lovely emails I have received, I think it might be a good afternoon to slow things down, catch up if needs be, check back through learning and correct or improve, and / or ...

... begin a small project of your own.  Ruby is learning Spanish; Ewan building wind turbines; and lots of other Orangs in Space wanting to deepen their skills or understanding in some area.  

Check out the BBC website as they are doing some lessons which may be of interest.  Find out about your family tree? Learn a new language, sport, craft, IT platform (not just playing games!) and then report back to me from next Wednesday with what you have chosen, must be NEW to you, and how you are going to go forward over the next 5 weeks on a Wednesday.  Really, really choose something to get one's teeth into, and find out loads about it, and think about how you could show me (maybe classmates in February) and teach me a thing or two.


Have included a quesadilla recipe for Food Tech Friday, but only as a guideline. If we can try and practise one Mexican dish a week, then we will have plenty to choose from for our stay at home Mexican Fiesta Day in week 6. 


Tuesday 12th January, 2021

Another overwhelming days learning, over 150 posts and counting as I draft this, and so much good content.  Writing mostly included many noun phrases, great ISPACE Openers, and maintained a focus on parenthesis - so well done (dash to full-stop).  Miserable day for outdoorsing, so good job Joe is back in town, keeping me fit - still to eat 4 mince pies, Crimbo cake, wheel of blue stilton, panettone, and loads of other Christmas leftovers (not turkey!) - so needed a fitness focus. 

Art is always open to interpretation; in my opinion, some of the line and tone produced yesterday was wonderful (and thank you those for researching Frida so thoroughly - I learned a lot) and today's paintings or similar, should be a WOW.  What an interesting woman she was (and her husband) as well as all the amazing art she produced. 

Enjoy working hard today, take one's time, rehearse before committing to brilliant best.

PE - maybe put together your own fitness slot for 30 minutes, or give Joe another go.

English  - a section of highlights; maybe three favourite yet different aspects of the book. (I HAVE DONE A QUICK HIGHLIGHT BELOW JUST TO SHOW MY THINKING)

              - include extended clauses (this will obviously involve parenthesis) either at the beginning, middle or end of each main clause - at least once - in order to add extra detail.

      e.g.   Lasers shot out of the space ship and blew up a fence.

              When Jeff pressed the orange button, lasers shot out of the space ship and blew up a fence.

              Lasers shot out of the space ship - when Jeff pressed the orange button - and blew up a fence.

              Lasers shot out of the space ship and blew up a fence when Jeff pressed the orange button. 

       Even, add a relative clause to extend further:

             When Jeff pressed the orange button, lasers shot out of the space ship, burned their way through the garage wall, and blew up a fence in Mrs Pott's garden. This was so funny as the                         lads had no idea what had happened and just carried on pressing button after button.  Eventually, they ...

Reading   - has to be the book you are using in order to steal words and phrases (lift and drop) and summarise three significant moments you think other youths would also enjoy.

Maths  - now dividing decimals by 10, 100 and 1,000. Good job yesterday guys, keep it up.

Creative   -  now we have practised with the line and tone of a few Kahlo's, time to focus on one type of image and create one's own.  Try not to draw in thick lines then fill in the gaps with                                   colour, rather, create using the colours - can't wait to see how these turn out.

Of the many highlights of this amazing novel, I have chosen just three to share - I'm sure you will find many of your own! Firstly, the night of the turtles. During the night, Kensuke woke Michael excitedly and asked him to follow him to the beach. At first, Michael could see nothing, but then tiny, palm-of-your-hand turtles began to hatch out and scuttle their way down the beach to the sea. Michael helped Kensuke keep away the predators, especially the gulls, and helped the weakest at least have a chance of returning to the beach in many years time to lay eggs of their own - it was a lovely shared moment between the two main characters.

Another highlight was when...


Monday, 11th January 2021

Good morning TEAM ENTERPRISE!!! (did you all shout back Orang's in Space?) First full week ahead, have produced a weekly overview again so that you can see what is coming up and that should help prepare for Art, or Food Tech, or whatever. I will still update the English, Maths and Creative / Other each day on the website first and foremost, but also some on Seesaw.  So young Enterpriser, read ALL of the website first.

Last week creativity oozed through. Ruby's English update dressed as Mrs Twit a highlight; also some beautiful art of pyramids, seascapes and even buildings were marvellous darlings.  No one used Adobe or Chatterpix yet, but that will come with time.

Today's learning as follows:

PE - with JOe Wickes, youtubing from 9am but available on catch up. Be fun to catch up with Marlie and Indie again.

English - reading through our favourite book so that we can nail down our favourite events / highlights to share with our audience in writing to help persuade them to read it.

             - always a Read Theory or two.

             - writing is a focus on noun phrases as we share the main characters, so have that box fully filled in on the planner.  And a quote from a character? Prepare an ISPACED starter.

             - maybe 3 fully extended sentences about each main character, why you think 'they' would like them? Actions and words from the book. How the characters interact. 

             - I will probably load a 'talking head' on Seesaw with more detail.

Maths   - multiplying decimals by 10, 100 and 1,000. Follow the power point and the vimeo to gain extra tips, but we should be strong enough with place value to take this in our stride.



Other    - please view the Frida Kahlo power point about her life and works, then maybe find out more yourself on 't'net. Create a few line and tone practise images ahead of tomorrow's full on                          colourful art session.


Friday 8th January 2021

If it is a snow day then just spellings, achievement and weekly skills - scrap the rest 'til next week. Smiley snowman emoji!!

More posts than fences'r'us. Brilliant. Thank you for all the uploads yesterday, really enjoying looking, listening and watching your learning.

Some excellent book choices, some David Walliams, inevitable, but heyho, yet many choices which are bringing back memories for me as I have used those books to teach from, or read myself as a nipper, or a young enthusiastic teacher lost in the big city; or was that Paddington? 

Am trying to create folders in the Seesaw so that you can save into 'books' and store info together, will keep working on improving my Seesaw technique - seem to be going up when everyone else is going down, then big boys jump off and i launch off into space.

And so to systems Friday, today' learning:

English     - spelling test given by a responsible member of the household, preferably an adult who is fierce.

                - Read Theory (at least 3) to maintain our comprehension standards - are you consistently hitting a decent level for you?

                - Achievement Book; a new one for your folks, but something we do every Friday for 25 minutes or so.  Teach them how we do it.  3 super sentences about what we are proud of                       or have achieved this last week; 1 must be regards learning set by myself; 1 extra learning you wanted to do for yourself; 1 just something that has happened or worth noting                       so you can share it with your grandkids.  Please hit the high standards of sentence structure and illustration you know is required. Ta.

Maths        - Weekly skills 5. Newton are now Tacos; Einstein are now Burritos; Hawking are now Chimichangas; (obvious really)

                  - a quick 10 minute blast on XTRockstars - try and win yourself a new hairstyle, bassist or recording contract with Simon Cowell.

Other        -  choose an image of Mexico (or a montage) and then try to re-imagine (draw and colour) it in any medium: line and tone pencil; crayons; paint; collage; even electronic magic                         paint.  Then write a caption stating what the image is; then write one sentence explaining why this is the image that captured your imagination and inspired you.  I have                              provided a few ideas below on the doc, but best to choose one's own.


Thursday 7th January, 2021

Too kind, far too kind - or patronising? fine line. Response to miserable Manc talking English (barely) was heart warming so will give it another go today. Maybe not clear enough, but you were to choose a book from home, one of your three favourites. I do enjoy short videos back from you, e.g. which three books and how you narrowed it down to one, so please more short and snappy updates, then I get to hear from you rather than just see the photies.

Today's learning as follows:

English - now begin to write.  A two sentence overview of why we are writing - class book; emotional; enjoyable; to share; etc. Then the first section about the general plot summary, up to a point, without giving away too many spoilers, and don't just list actions.  This must include all 3 types of parenthesis: commas for extra info; brackets for factual; dashes for thoughts and asides.  Look at some of the blurbs on your favourite books and expand those, usually they are a similar device. Maybe read out the finished section to me on Seesaw rather than post pictures? Adobe flash player the book cover talking to me? Be creative.

Maths - decimals to 3 places. Please find worksheet, powerpoint and answers below.  If I drop the answers in to the file section each day, then please promise not to peak before you have given the worksheet a reet good go. Promise? Then once marked, if you have not had help already, then seek help with some corrections.  Remember, the first 5 questions are usually bread and butter, but it does get harder, so judge your own level for corrections.


Other  - please find out the names of the countries, capital cities and fill them in on the map. (colour code a key for smaller ones?)

            - then draw a grid (on word?) to collate the following information (needs more research) : names of countries; capital cities; date of European discovery; which European                       discovered it.  Must include Mexico, and a little extra reading about how it was discovered, conquered, and ended up being a part of Spain for such a long time.



Our class, Y5 Orang-utans, are studying the book Aquila which links nicely with our topic on Space. It is written by Andrew Norris, who has written lots of other books and even some TV series, including some episodes of Dr Who. We are really enjoying it and so wanted to write a review which we could send on to the author or share with other children.

Two awkward teenagers find an alien spacecraft on a Geography field trip to the Peak District. But what is the craft capable of doing? The boys endure many adventures, mostly mishaps, as they find out by pressing the many flashing buttons, some with startling results. All the while, the school staff become more and more suspicious of the boys new found interest in education. Will the boys win out in the end and keep their prized possession?


Character paragraph.


Of the many highlights of this amazing novel, I have chosen just three to share - I'm sure you will find many of your own! Firstly, the night of the turtles. During the night, Kensuke woke Michael excitedly and asked him to follow him to the beach. At first, Michael could see nothing, but then tiny, palm-of-your-hand turtles began to hatch out and scuttle their way down the beach to the sea. Michael helped Kensuke keep away the predators, especially the gulls, and helped the weakest at least have a chance of returning to the beach in many years time to lay eggs of their own - it was a lovely shared moment between the two main characters.

Another highlight was when...


Having read about the amazing, fun plot; the quirky, funny characters; and my personal highlights - i bet you can't wait to read Aquila for yourself. But there's more! Andrew Norris has written a hilarious book, full of funny situations, perfect for boys and girls who have a good sense of humour themselves - over 8 years old. The vocabulary used, and sentence structures, is appropriate yet challenging - and great for our teacher to read out loud. There are not many illustrations (or maps) to really speak of, and this may be an area for the book to improve on. However, overall, this unputdownable book is a terrific read which will split your sides laughing at Geoff and Tom's cliffhanging adventures.

I would thoroughly recommend this book and give it 5 out 5 stars.

Wednesday 6th January 2021

Roll up those sleeves, few deep breaths, gird one's loins, and march onwards and upwards towards the promised land of Y6 standards/Eckington comp.

We are seemingly led by blindfolded men looking for a black cat, wearing a ninja outfit, in a midnight woodland - that isn't even there in the first place.  However, ...

In coming weeks learning will be posted here as in previous lockdown arrangements.  Also, I shall try to produce an accompanying video or two over the next few days/weeks (I really do not like the idea of them being shared, as it is not something I feel comfortable doing, and I deliberately have no social media presence) and will phone and chat with each and every Enterpriser every 2/3 weeks and make sure all is tickety-boo.  As usual, I shall definitely read or watch or check out every post on Seesaw, although can not always leave a response.

Feel free to email.

Working hard for fixed periods of time is a big help in ordering the day and feeling a sense of accomplishment.  Yet, mental health is always more important than anything else so look after yourself and your family first and foremost. Take care, stay safe, and enjoy more shared time.  


English - choose your favourite book and flick through it to remind oneself why. (Leave a message on Seesaw of your favourite 3, and then which 1 you are going to choose)

             -  Start to plan a Book Review by bullet pointing ideas in the top 3 boxes (I shall teach the 4th box next week); and find a few quotes that will help emphasise your ideas taken                        from the text. (Do not share on Seesaw) IF ALL GOES TO PLAN I SHALL SHARE A VIDEO CLIP ON SEESAW WITH FURTHER DETAILS - IF!

             - a Read Theory (Do not share)

             - practise this Friday's spellings (Do not share)

Maths   - see the attached files regards decimal places. (note the video link as well as the powerpoint and work answer sheet)   https://vimeo.com/485550430

Other   - see Mrs W's message below.


(Message and learning from Mrs W)

Happy New Year everyone!  

Once again thank you for the lovely flower arrangement!  It lasted well!



Not everyone was able to finish their Adventure Story on Purple Mash - so revisit your adventure story.  Remember to write and save the pages BEFORE you create buttons to send your reader on the adventure.  Each page of your story should have two choices, each of which will take you to a different page.  Test out your story by asking someone in your house to 'read' it.   If you have finished is your story REALLY the very best it can be?


This does not have to be completed in a day - so don't rush it.  Check your spellings and grammar.  Have you animated the sprites?    There are documents below to help you create your story and, of course, there is a help option (click the 'film' icon) on Purple Mash itself.

If you have any questions I can be contacted by email - vwilkinson@ridgeway.derbyshire.sch.uk

Mrs Wilkinson


 Concept Map adventure story.pdfDownload
 How to create a concept map.pdfDownload
 This is the page layout of Red Riding Hood.pdfDownload
 where to save.pdfDownload
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