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Year 6 - The Digital Dynamos


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Home Learning for the hols from 22nd October

So soon, a sixth-ish part our year covered, 5/6th to go.  Next half term will be Living Things - habitats, evolution, life cycles, etc., so an opportunity for budding naturalists to gen up and bring lots of animal knowledge to share.   And all things fractions in Maths.

Please find home learning as usual, except weekly skills maths is replaced with a half termly test.

Enjoy a lovely half term break, almost all our Dynamos have been dynamic and RnR due, except helping around the house and brushing up on Domestic Science skills.

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Home Learning from 15th October

Much to be proud of this week in our Achievement books: adventure story beginnings and middles; becoming proficient in Long Division - perhaps a little more practise needed; Saxon brooches coming on a treat; pilgrimage (Hajj) learning in Islam; and our first extra play for a super effort with spellings - yeehah!

Tasks as per usual, and lovely to hear most Dynamos in a clear routine with tasks, and most uploaded before my Wednesday scrutiny - great job.

Only ONE more week to go before half term hols, so quick, so much done; so one last big push next week and a deserved break.

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Home Learning from 8th October

Our biography on King Alfred almost finished, learned a lot about one of our few 'Great' male leaders; smashed short and long multiplication, on to formal division methods next week; illuminated letters were lovely in Art and many up on display, now making Anglo-Saxon brooches with Miss A; we now know where the Vikings travelled to, how and why; next week we shall be comparing the Viking Gods (pre-Christianity) to the Mayan Gods; a lovely week me thinks.

Home learning - routines established for the majority, quality time independently or with a loved one, just ticking off or checking or a helping hand; but only 9 fully correct spellers this week, so once again, no extra play - well done to those REALLY trying to get them all right;

The usual tasks again this week: the spelling sheet not always easy to antonym or synonym, just complete as best one can; only upload Maths weekly skills when marked and a loved one given a bit of feedback please; really enjoying the R2C - very informative; XTR for the 6 - please ask me to be tested once a XTable has been learned brilliantly. 

And please remember that I check Read Theory Wednesday pm only.  So perhaps up 'til 6.30 ish would be the cut off for dojos. (But of course, nothing stopping anyone doing loads more!)


Enjoy a physical, sunny weekend with loads of great food and drink.

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Home Learning from 1st October

Another enjoyable week at the chalk face for our Dynamos: brilliantly behaved on our 'big boy and big girl' trip to Ecky-Thump; concentrated during our Alfred the Great biography; creative during our final 'illuminated letters' art; and gathering dojos left, right and centre for attitude, manners and home learning; 

Thank you parents for your valued input with home learning, nearly there now with most children, regards a routine - and then an adult helping hand:

Read Theory (2x2 minimum) - always independently;  XTRockstars just for the 6 children who need to get back up to speed; Spelling words - double consonants this week - back to antonyms and synonyms on the sheet; Weekly Skills maths 4 - independently at first - then marked and corrected together - if possible; Read2Camera is becoming very enjoyable, quick intro, biggish read (1 minute or so) fare thee well; and any other extras worthy of popping on to Seesaw.

Wherever possible, home learning should be loaded before Wednesday pm, as that is the time I trawl through and mark off, and respond.  Certainly, Read Theory deadline is Wednesday a.m.

Thank you all for all your hard effort this week, enjoy a relax and a blast this weekend.


Home Learning from 24th September

Our Digital Dynamos worked ever so hard this week on their assessments, fully committed to each one and did themselves proud, so a big pat on the back.  Plus, bit more Vikings vs Saxons and in PSHE designing our own BAD soft drink - they'll tell you all about it.  Swimming was lovely last week, really nice venue and staff, our own changing rooms, and the pool to ourselves.  

This week's home learning is as usual but also, bit of family history, where are mum and dad (or slightly older relatives) from/ born?  Ready for register Monday.


Read Theory (independently please) 2 x 2 lots minimum: anyone on less than 100 quizzes maybe a little more to slowly catch up.

Read2Camera max of 2 minutes please, with a little chat about the book, what they have been up to, etc.

Weekly skills independently but then a little help with one or two corrections.

XTRockstars for those who definitely need it - some guys have passed the Mr T face to face test and this is therefore optional.

And of course spellings, continuing our plurals theme, words written in a short sentence to show off context.


Have a lovely weekend, make hay and all.


Home Learning from 17th September

Another knock out week from the Digital Dynamos, learning about Islam, Viking invasions, place values and life.  Poetry all finished and written out in best, biography next two weeks.

Thank you for the renewed focus on home learning, most kids have completed their tasks to a high standard, over 120 uploads to Seesaw, so ta very much, enjoyed most, if not all of them!

This week:

Spelling - plurals, first of two, so too tricky to do ants and syns so instead a very, very short sentence in context please: boxes - my attic is full of cardboard boxes.  15/23 all correct or just one mistake this Friday's test - so no extra play. However, 20 out of 24 next week and it will be an extra play.

Weekly Maths Skills 2 - photocopier busted all week so unable to complete in school time, so a fresh approach.  Complete first individually, then mark together, and concentrate on one or two to get right for next time.

Read2Camera was fun for me this week, remember, no more than 2 minutes including short pre-amble, and only once please.

Read Theory: was a little shocked that some children not reached triple figures yet, would have expected all Y5/6 kids to be on at least 100+, so please encourage a little more a little more often: at least 2 x 2 each week - thank you.

Have a lovely weekend, lots to look forward to, even if it is a big lie in.


HOme Learning from the 10th Sept

NOw then now then, nothing to work up a sweat about, but we should start as we mean to go on.  So please find the following Home Learning tasks below a pleasure.  Seesaw codes should have come home Friday, so uploads to the site now available, but bear with, as I am not as gifted on Seesaw as other teachers, but am trying, very trying.

Saxons sheet (says 'Angles' at the top but is Saxons) already completed and marked and fed back in class, and I do not expect all answers correct, always a work in progress.   (Angles sheet available for a few volunteers who preferred to build up to Saxons over the first half term)

Spelling sheet is not necessarily to fill in and complete, or one could do, or do it a very different way, but at least know what each of your 10, 15 or 20 words mean, and for many of them, a synonym and / or antonym.  Spelling test every Friday.

Some Dynamos need to brush up on their XTables ahead of a fun 1: 1 with me - same code as last year.

Read Theory, also same code as last year, and 2 lots of 2 texts would be plenty per week.

One , no more than 1 minute read to camera on Seesaw plenty,  plus a bit of introduction about the book being read, or the plot or character devices so far, plus a little chat - no more than 2 minutes total please.

And what a terrific first week back, a pleasure to teach so far during our honeymoon period; I hope this is reciprocated.  


Good day Dynamos, and how the heck are you?  Fully sated after a fully refreshing Summer? Raring to go? Mmm, me too! Nothing better than the smell of chalk and adrenalin in a morning, make us all feel alive.  (wrote this a while ago but had issues with posting!) Some house keeping details ready for the big return to the big boy and big girl class:

Bring your brain.  Bring your positive, cheery attitude.  Stationary and books will be supplied.

PE in school day - Tuesday; PE swimming day - Friday (from the 17th - details to follow)

Miss Atkin covering PPA Wednesday PM - French and (Saunders) RE - often handwriting as well


Our first topic shall be: Saxons vs Vikings from end of Romans CE409 right up to 1066 and all that.

English - writing - we shall be looking at Personification Poetry; Biographies; Short Adventure stories;

             - reading - Anglo-Saxon Boy by Tony Bradman

Maths - place value followed by 4 operations/calculations

PE - cricket - whilst the weather is so nice; plus swimming

Art - linked to Anglo-Saxon chronicles

Music - Happy by Pharrell Williams

Home Learning

Each Friday home learning will be posted on the website and / or Seesaw, usually:

   maths weekly skills;   spellings to learn for a formal test on Fridays (differentiated by number of spellings);   reading to camera on Seesaw;   Read Theory - 2 lots of 2 texts;   

         Times Table Rockstars if still not learnt off-by-heart;   plus other bits and bobs now and then to aid lessons and tailored to individuals;