The Rhinos

Mr T is in class all week except on Monday afternoons when Mrs Wilkinson teaches the class.

P.E. sessions are on Tuesdays and Fridays.  Full P.E kit is required for both sessions please.

Homework for maths, English and spellings are given out each Friday and is due in the Following Friday.

Reading Records are checked each Tuesday and if this is not possible for any reason then they can be brought in on Thursday of the same week

Any queries please don't hesitate to ask.

Our current topic is...

The Americas

The topic for our learning this half term is ‘The Americas’ where we will be exploring Central and South America. In literacy, we will be focusing on jungle environments and writing non-chronological reports on a chosen animal.  We will also write balanced arguments comparing zoos & wildlife Parks to living freely in the wild.  

In science, we will be looking at plants and animal’s habitats, life cycles & reproduction, whilst in Art we will be studying French artist Henri Rousseau and his jungle landscapes.

Geography sessions will focus on describing the location and characteristics of a range of places across the Americas and identifying similarities and differences with our local area. During P.E sessions we will be developing our tag rugby skills and putting together dances linked to the Amazon Rainforests. 

We are the Rhinos and this is how it goes,  We're at the top and we don't stop!  We do our best in every test.  We're so clever and we achieve it all, TOGETHER!


 Rhino Rap

We are the Rhinos and this is how it goes,

We’re at the top and we don’t stop!

We do our best in every test

We’re so clever and we achieve it all,