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Ultra Violet! Ultra Violet!

Home Learning from 30th September

Our adventure stories are almost to a conclusion, some exciting, yet low key events which could happen to anyone, anyone's pet.  UV's are beginning to receive targets in books and are working hard on raising their standards - most impressive by most.  And a day of waving at friends and ex-Ridgeway students at Eckington, a lovely (further low key) introduction to a Secondary environment, wherever headed in September.  

And so to home learning; this week, an even better response than previous two weeks, lots more done and at a good quality - which I can mostly read with my sad, old eyes - guppy-like.

Maths weekly skills 4 - please complete all 25 questions, mark, score, then a few practise questions for corrections.

Spellings - double consonants - good for antonym / synonyms - but if too tricky, a contextual sentence for some. (21 on the score sheet for Team UV's this week. 25 next week for an extra play?)

Read2Camera - enjoying these, shows good confidence, and any text really, although I am enjoying hearing some of the same stories each week.

Read Theory x 4 - at two separate times please.  If you think of levels as about the same as year group appropriate, roughly.

XTRockstars - very impressed with the attitude towards this activity.  Keep it up.  My personal Times Table tests can come at any time!

Have a great weekend, beware the wind, gulp fresh air, and deserve to put thar feet up.

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Home Learning from 23rd September

Lots of positives to draw from this week, lots of notable achievements for them to write in Achievement books. 

We have completed a baseline assessment this week from which we will target all individuals, often in groups, for interventions: to plug gaps, pre-teach and secure Y3-6 standards.  All good this end.  And finished our illuminated letters; basketballed; typed; and begun our short adventure stories.  

Home learning for next week will include the usual:

Read2Camera - really enjoying the uploads, good confidence shown.

Read Theory - nearly all the class completed their minimum of 4 (at 2 separate times) this week - good job.

Weekly skills - when uploading, please make sure it is marked, and maybe show extra support received on a couple of questions. (all either Saxons or Vikings now which is really positive)

Spellings - plurals again - and I have now set fair (I think) targets for each individual, either 8, 10, 12, 15 or 20 - they know. (13 UV's all correct or just one wrong this week - need 25 for extra play)

XTRockstars - and keep on trucking with Times Table Rockstars - only 13 Ultra Violets have 'passed' all up to 12x12.

Have a great weekend all.  

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Home Learning from 16th September

Another week done and dusted, another few fun days in the community centre, which was another pleasant change and taken in stride.  Getting a bit parky!

Thank you to all the Ultra Violets (and parents of course) for the home learning, despite a few glitches - 21 children gave it a good shot - and 7 children were excellent in their approach.

Hopefully, this week, every child will settle into a productive home learning routine, with support from loved ones, so here goes:

Read2Camera, quick intro - 1 minute read - quick thought talk exit

Spellings - plurals this week so mostly short sentences in context

Maths - weekly skills (on PDF so hopefully less wonky) and TimesTableRockstars as many a bit rusty after Summer break

REad Theory - at least two sessions, and at least 4 completed and saved

And last of all, maybe a chat through their planned short adventure story, and throw in an extra idea or give the ending a satisfying twist.


Enjoy the weekend.


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Home Learning from 9th September

And so to our first home learning soiree in Y6, I'm fairly confident not too different from Y5's expectations.  Home learning will be uploaded to this webpage each Friday, occasionally some extras will be included, but more often the following will be the weekly staples.  Please upload on to Seesaw by Tuesday evening, Wednesday morning by the latest, as I shall be marking home learning during my PPA time Wednesday.  If not uploaded by then, still complete anything outstanding, as it shows a positive attitude to learning, and growth mindset.

Maths - we complete the weekly skills sheet in class, mark and feed back.  Children whizz through sheet at home then mark with adult and maybe talk through and extra examples for just one or two questions which would be a big help for the following week.  Not all questions have been taught yet, so some new material at times, so try to avoid these corrections until they have been taught.

Spellings - please spend time learning them for the test Friday, but also learn what each word means in order to improve vocabulary choice; depending on confidence with spellings either 10, 15 or 20.

Read2Camera - no more than 2 minutes, preferably less, with a short introduction to the book each time, and a brief thought talk at the end.

Read Theory - 2 lots of 2 would be perfect, by Tuesday evening.  Hopefully at the correct level over time, not crazy high, nor crazy low, somewhere from level 3 to 6/7 to start with.

Times Table Rockstars always a good extra, will firm this up once we have conducted our times table 'tests'.

Seems a lot to write but should already be in a good routine from previous years and with a friendly adult supporting, soon done and success with home learning promotes translates to greater confidence and accelerated progress in school.  An upward spiral.

Take care all, have a great weekend.  Back to class Monday.


Welcome Back ...

 ... for a gentle start to Y6, all soft and smell fresh, puppy nosed and salady goodness.  So sleep well Munchkins, and look forward to thar first day of loveliness and learning.

Our preliminary timetable for afternoon's should be M = topic; T = PE (bring kit) W = Art; Th = PSHE / non-kit PE; F = IT / Science.

Home learning will be set each Friday right here on the school website, and will be marked on Wednesday by 6 PM.

WE have a lot of learning to do, but also a lot of fun to be had, so bring your positive, cheerful attitude to working hard and playing hard, and being your brilliant best socially. 

Parents, please give myself and the children a few weeks to settle into our routine and relationships, but I am usually available before and after school by the Y5/6 door for a quick, quiet word, and if needs be to arrange a slightly longer conversation. 

All good.  Raring to go.  Can't wait for Monday. 

Autumn 1

And in this half term's topic we will be noting the reason for the retreat of the Romans, the dark age left behind them, and the Anglo-Saxons, Jutes and Friesians who filled their boots.  Then the Vikings! And then the Normans put a stop to all this invading, so we'll stop there in 1066 as well.

Writing will be a little poetry; a short adventure story; a biography - probably Alfred the Great.

Our class shared reading book will be Anglo-Saxon Boy.

Maths will rattle through our 4 operations and then push on through decimals and some Geometry.

RE is Islam; Science some stand alone investigations; music - pop / Abba; Art illuminated manuscripts and Saxon brooches;