The Rhinos

Mr T is in class all week except on Monday afternoons when Mrs Wilkinson teaches the class.

P.E. sessions are on Tuesdays and Fridays.  Full P.E kit is required for both sessions please.

Homework for maths, English and spellings are given out each Friday and is due in the Following Friday.

Reading Records are checked each Tuesday and if this is not possible for any reason then they can be brought in on Thursday of the same week

Any queries please don't hesitate to ask.

Our current topic is...

The Extraordinary

The topic for this half term is entitled ‘The Extra-ordinary’ and gives us the opportunity to look at extreme and extra-ordinary places, events and phenomena all around us.

During Literacy we will be looking at ‘extraordinary’ events and experiences.  We’ll begin by writing narratives involving riding a mountain bike along a treacherous and perilous mountain ridge.  The children will then write a range of poetry inspired by extreme environments and hostile weather conditions. We then get all mighty and powerful and try to imagine what it would be like to have extraordinary super-human powers. We will be writing descriptively in-role and creating suspense and tension as we unleash our extra-ordinary powers!   To help the children engage with the topic our class novel will be a super children’s horror story called Room 13 by Robert Swindells. (You may want to read other novels by this author, they are well worth reading.) The idea is not to scare your child but to explore the features of such a text and use it as inspiration to write ‘gripping’ stories of our own. 

In maths the children will be reviewing their maths assessments taken at the end of last term and identifying the areas they need to improve on.  We will then focus on using long and short division methods before naming, classifying and identifying properties of shapes. We will also be calculating the area, perimeter and volume of different shapes.  After that we will be drawing and measuring angles using a protractor and then reading and plotting coordinates.

Science will be focussed on carrying out investigations and experiments linked to ‘Earth and Space’. We will take a trip to outer space and become experts on the Earth, Sun and Moon, finding out facts like how big each one is, how far away from each other they are and how their relationship to each other creates night, day and different time zones.

During Art sessions we will creating 'Extra-ordinary Artistic Illusions' and discover how artists play with perspective, line and colour to create clever and mind-bending illusions, including trompe l'oeil, optical art and much more.

Our geography lessons introduce us to the wilder side of the world when we take a look at the 'Extreme Earth'. We will find out all about the Earth's extremes, from raging tropical storms to violent erupting volcanoes and even terrifying towering tsunamis. We will also explore how these extremes affect people, communities and landscapes.

In R.E. we’ll be exploring the ideas and beliefs of religious and non-religious groups about what happens when a person dies. The children will have the opportunity to reflect on their own ideas, share their views and consider the beliefs, thoughts and feelings of others.

Finally, during P.E. dance sessions, we will be exploring the extraordinary creation of volcanoes and recreating the flow and movement when they erupt.  Whenever the weather is favourable we will be outdoors learning and developing our hockey skills and playing competitive matches.

       Fair Trade Posters       

While we have been exploring everything there is about Fair Trade we thought we might try and design our own Fair Trade posters to help raise awareness.  Have a look below at how we all got on.  I think you'll have to agree we did a really good job. 

We have also had a whole host of presentations about Fair Trade in a variety of forms e.g. Show and tell, a variety of Fair Trade products, leaflets, magazines and even this great PowerPoint presentation from Olivia and Amelia.  Please feel free to download it and even have a go at their tricky quiz - it's great fun! 


Y6 (The Rhinos) visited the Yorkshire Wildlife Park last week and had a blast!  We saw loads of amazing animals from battling baboons and leaping lemurs to giant giraffes and resting rhinos.  We had a great workshop session all about animal adaptations where we discovered how animals had adapted to their environments in order to survive.  We also got to hold and handle a giant snail, hideous giant cockroaches and even a curling corn snake.  After all that excitement, including spotting famous footballer Harry Maguire along the way, we ended the the day at the park slide area while others bought some great souvenirs at the park shop.  All in all, a great day out! Check out some of our photos of the day below.

Classroom Update:

The classroom will be open tomorrow - Thursday 3rd 2019.

i hope you have seen the text message sent earlier, but DCC have visited site and have made the classroom watertight and safe to use. I have it in writing from the building surveyor, representing Derbyshire County Council – Communities, Commissioning & Policy (Property Division), that it is safe. 

The room does not look very pretty at the moment (and to be honest there is a slight smell), but when DCC have completed a permanent fix early next week the interior will be addressed. 


Thank you for your support and understanding, and see you Year 6 tomorrow.


We are the Rhinos and this is how it goes,  We're at the top and we don't stop!  We do our best in every test.  We're so clever and we achieve it all, TOGETHER!

We've been using an app called Chatterpix to create our own speaking Rhinos.  Check them out by clicking on the media below and enjoy our class Rhino Rap!


 Rhino Rap

We are the Rhinos and this is how it goes,

We’re at the top and we don’t stop!

We do our best in every test

We’re so clever and we achieve it all,




This half term we have been learning and developing tag rugby skills and putting them into practice during matches.  It's been great fun and we've really come along way very quickly. Thanks to Olivia H & Olivia B we've even used the Adobe Spark app to show you how we are getting on, thanks girls!

We've all had a baseline measurement for physical fitness today.  The instructors put us through our paces two groups at a time in order to measure our fitness levels.  They'll be back at the end of the year to measure again and hopefully see how much we've progressed.  Thanks to Olivia H for the great Adobe Spark footage below.