RIDGEWAY Primary School

We are Team Apollo!


Launching our potential, making a huge leap in our learning journey - TEAM APOLLO!

Class information for Summer 1, 2021:

  •  Mrs Potts will work every Monday and Tuesday and Mr Biggs will work every Thursday and Friday - we will work alternate Wednesdays.
  • We are very lucky to have Mrs Taylor working with us every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday morning.

Homework - Summer 2


Homework will continue to be set EVERY WEDNESDAY on SeeSaw, to be returned (online) by the following Tuesday by 5pm please. It will then be marked as soon as possible. This way, the children have a week (including a weekend) to complete all learning and will have the opportunity to speak to me about any queries.

Please continue to access TTRS and Read Theory - if possible at least 2-3 times per week, this really does help to further embed the learning taking place in class.

We will be also continue to set spellings to be tested the following week and these will continue to be uploaded to your child's SeeSaw so that you can see the results.

The ongoing support you continue to give at home is amazing and truly appreciated,

See you on SS!

 Mrs P & Mrs B x

Summer 2 - Let's go to the beach, beach, let's go catch a wave!

Hello everyone. We hope you've all had the most lovely of weeks in this gorgeous weather (talking of which, please see the note about sun cream/ water bottles etc).

And here we are - the final half term of Year 5, but there will be no taking the foot off of the pedal with us as we launch in to our new topic all about coastlines. We will be using Ordnance Survey maps and 4 and 6 grid references to locate coastlines around the UK, and getting to grips with the symbols of maps. Then, we will look at how coastal features are formed before taking a look at coastal erosion and what this means for the people who live by the sea. We will be comparing the economic input of a seaside town compared to a major city and using up-to-date Government facts and figures and data to analyse the changing populations, employment and deprivation/ affluency of our coastal towns in the UK. Of course - we will also be sharing all of our experiences of coasts from here to far away, so please do share any pictures you have of yourself and family at coastal towns (fully clothed, please!)

In maths, we will continue our learning all about Geometry and shape before moving on to measure and conversions. We will also continue our daily, additional maths (the Year 5/6 skills sheets, our MAD maths short lessons and arithmetic boosters) to ensure we are keeping all of the other mathematical plates spinning at the same time. 

Our last piece of writing was absolutely incredible and we will continue to write as much as possible over the next 6 weeks to really embed those SPaG skills we've worked so hard on to use in our independent learning. Our class read will be, 'Over Sea, Under Stone' by Susan Cooper and we will share this regularly - as well as covering poetry/ information texts/ extracts from novels and much more in our daily Bookflix lessons.

In R.E we will be asking the question, 'What would Jesus do?' as we explore Christianity. We will be using our PSHE and P4C skills to consider if we could apply Christian teachings to our own lives, if we think they are relevant to us or not and explain our answers. R.E is always a super spring board for exploring our own ideas and concepts, whilst listening to, but not necessarily agreeing, with others.

PSHE will play a crucial part in our learning this half term too as we plan to teach reactively to what the children need following the return to school after the epidemic. We will be covering what it means to 'fit in', what happens if you feel you don't, what it means to be 'popular', as well as social media use. This, of course, is subject to change depending on how the children are in the coming weeks!

You may've noticed that we have been using SeeSaw to record our work much more lately (especially shared talk learning), the children LOVE it and get so much from it; this will continue so please do keep checking in!

We are both SO excited to be spending these coming weeks with our amazing Team Apollo, I know I've said this over and over but the children are so amazing.


Can't wait to see you soon,

Mrs P & Mr B x

Boosters Summer 2

The after school boosters will continue as before - all should've been notified. We will continue with additional boosters through out this half term, too. Thank you for your ongoing support :) 

Summer 1 - Fairy tales with a TwIsT!

Wow - we cannot believe that we are in the final term of this academic year! What a whirlwind it has been but one full of fun and super memories with the most amazing class of children. We are very lucky teachers!

In order to give the children many opportunities to read and write descriptively, imaginatively and effectively, we are focusing on traditional tales in reading and writing, but with an UKS2 twist! We begin by re-writing the tale of 'Beauty and the Beast' before exploring Hansel and Gretel, Snow White and other world-famous Hans Christian Anderson tales. We can't wait to see how the children re-tell and adapt these tales in their own words, focusing on UKS2 writing objectives and SPaG.

In maths, we are consolidating our understanding of decimals before moving on to geometry. We have been blown away by the effort put in to each and every maths lesson - especially when we discuss and share our ideas with our partners.


We will continue our super-fun and effective 'Science Fridays' where we will plan, carry out, evaluate and write-up in full experiments exploring 'Materials and their properties' as well as 'Light.'


And, of course, we have WHITE HALL to attend! What a day that will be! We cannot wait to take the children there for the day and explore the outdoors, challenge ourselves and make lasting memories.


Thank you, as always, for your continued support.

Mrs P & Mr B :-)


Spring 2 - From Source to Sea 

Hi Team Apollo and wonderful families! I hope that you had a wonderful week, I look forward to seeing you all soon (on SeeSaw)!

Last term, the learning completed was absolutely incredible; I couldn't be prouder of the effort and commitment - thank you so much!

This half term, our topic is 'From Source to Sea' in which we will look at river formation and the importance of them in our world, but to kickstart our learning we will be looking at the recent NASA landing on Mars!

How exciting that they've landed where they have and what they hope to find (no spoilers!)

We will be using 'The Rhythm of the Rain' to begin with as our class book, followed by, 'A Story like the Wind' and then 'Our World of Water' - even touching on plastic pollution and the ethical and environmental issues facing our planet.

We continue to use and apply fractions in our maths learning - we are doing SO well with these. 

We will continue to write for different genres and I love our use of parenthesis :-)


In topic, we will also be looking at rivers in the UK, as well as around the world, their uses and erosion and deposition! It will be an action packed Year 5 right up until the summer and we cannot wait.


Thank you, once again, for your support, it means so much.

Mrs P x 


Spring 1 - Mexico (Al mal tiempo, buena cara!)

Christmas Party fun!

We had SO much fun playing games and just enjoying being in each other's company on our Christmas party day, I took lots of really great pictures - you make me smile so much Team Apollo!




Autumn 2 - May the forces be with you!


We had so much fun investigating forces (friction) using our card frogs and string! We are really enjoying our full science days which allow us to fully plan and execute an experiment, understand our results and explain our findings. What superstars Team Apollo are! 


Back to school!


We are so happy to have the children back in school and ready to learn, we really did miss them so much.

It goes without saying that the start to this year is a little different with varying factors to consider as we adjust to all being back. We will be recapping and gap-filling previous learning, as well as covering the Year 5 curriculum to move us forwards. We will also be doubling up on some lessons to ensure we are maximising core learning as much as we can.

Further to this and at the heart of all we do, is the emotional well-being of the children. As such, we will be teaching reactionary PSHE which will address the changing emotional needs of the children and this will feed in to the curriculum as much as it can, such as in reading and art. We will also be teaching the Y5 PSHE curriculum alongside this. 

There will be an emphasis on mental maths strategies, as well as 'using and applying' so that the children have flexibility and fluency with their mathematical knowledge. Reading will be daily (at least once) and the children will be exposed to a variety of genres of texts that link to our topic, as well as PSHE to further embed learning and promote discussion. Team Apollo will be given lots of  opportunities to write across a variety of genres to rebuild stamina for writing and to give the children the opportunity to express their ideas using new vocabulary and grammar skills. 


We cannot thank you enough for your ongoing support, please do keep in touch (whilst we can't speak on the yard!)


Mrs P & Miss T x 

Autumn 1 - Who let the Gods out?

Buckle up Team Apollo as we whizz back in time to Ancient Greece...

First we will develop our chronological knowledge by considering what we already know about Ancient Greece, was it an empire? What was special about it? When and where did this civilsation exist? We may even then compare this civilisation to others and draw comparisons or note differences.

We will also be making connections and comparisons with our wider learning by understanding how the Empire was maintained - do we have anything similar today? How might it compare to how we live? How about modern day Greece?

Team Apollo will also be looking at Greek Gods and considering if the Greek gods/ religion affect our lives today.

In order to understand how our knowledge of the past is constructed, we will be looking at different evidence sources - I wonder if the famous Greek vases were important in some way?

We will also have a go at understanding some ancient Greek writing and to further develop our ability to construct informed responses, we will be reading and examining ancient Greek myths and stories and considering their relevance.

The day that Ancient Greece came to us...! 


We had such a wonderful day when Graham from Western Park Museum (an Ancient Greece expert!) visited us and taught us all about ancient Greek history, myths and legends, artefacts and buildings. We were able to dress up as certain characters from the myths and we even built a huge model of a Parthenon. We learned so much, and as you can see from the huge smiles, the children really did enjoy the experience.

A special thank you to Graham who followed guidelines stringently, bringing separate outfits and equipment for just our bubble.

It was a day to remember! :-) and as always, amazing Team Apollo did us proud by listening beautifully and being respectful throughout.

Mrs P & Miss T x 

Online learning

Thank you for your continued help as you support your child with their online learning at home, we too encourage Times Tables Rockstars, online reading, online research and the editing of our learning online using the netbooks and iPads. 


Team Apollo are now so good at logging on and just cracking on with whatever online task we manage to squeeze in the school day alongside everything else!


So proud of you Team Apollo - keep up the amazing learning!

Mrs P & Miss T xx 

Team-work makes the dream work... (In Maths and all other learning!)


Team Apollo are amazing at sharing ideas, explaining to each other, listening to each other and even challenging ideas respectfully. It's a busy room full of energy, ideas and TEAMWORK :-)


Mrs P & Miss T xx

Here we are 


In order to help the children settle back in to being in school, back with their friends, and to explore emotions and feelings, our initial reading and English work has been based around a book called 'Here we are' by Oliver Jeffers. It's a beautiful text that explores how we, as humans, live and how we can be the very best version of ourselves.

We are currently writing a letter to ourselves advising us how to take care of our physical and emotional well being with lots of positive reinforcement. We then used the book's illustrations to inspire our art learning. 


We learned how to mix powder paint to gain the right consistency of paint and depth of pigment, as well as to mix new colours of our own. The letters and art work will soon be proudly displayed in the corridor (will get a snap!)


Dear parents and carers,

Please find below our email addresses:




Given the strict restrictions that stop people entering the school building at present, this will be the main way to contact us for the foreseeable future. For more pressing matters, you may contact the school office on 01142 486249.  We will check emails regularly and reply as quickly as we can.

During this unprecedented time, we are trying our very hardest to protect and keep safe our whole school community.  As such, please could you adhere to the social distancing measures and rules in place.

Each year group has precise and limited time slots to welcome and dismiss the children from school, these must be kept to as to ensure no cross-contamination of ‘bubbles.’

Our class, Team Apollo, will enter school at:  

0900 - 0905 hrs in Gate C (far end single gate).

We will dismiss the children at:

15.25 - 15.30 hrs from the door at the back of school/ Gate C (far end single gate).

A map is provided on the home page of the website under 'Intial Information for September 2020.'

Thank you so much for your co-operation!

Sunshine - Summer 2


Hi everyone - I hope that you're all enjoying this amazing weather!

For school in the next few weeks please do make sure you bring lots of water - even 2 bottles if you wish! As always, you can top them up, but it might be worth having more than one to hand!

Please also lather on the suncream before school. I know, I know - it's annoying when mum accidentally gets a bit in your eyes and it's sticky but it is so important! I will ask Mr W what the policy is for administering more during the day and get back to you, but please do ensure you have a good coating each morning; I look forward to seeing your shiny faces very soon!

AND finally, please also ensure you have a hat you can wear outside during play and lunch time. With your name in!

I think hayfever might just be kicking in too - please let me know of anything regarding this :)


See you soon :)))))

Please bring a filled water bottle in to school, we all know how important keeping hydrated is! For now, leave book bags at home please :-)

P.E - Summer 2


P.E will continue to take place every Tuesday AND Thursday. Please see below for further info regarding P.E kit and this week. Many thanks :-) 


Monday 7th June - SPORTS DAY. Please ensure your child comes to school in P.E kit.

Tuesday 8th June - NO P.E. KIT REQUIRED as there are no sports coaches attending that day.

Thursday 10th June - P.E kit as usual, please.

Every week after that until the end of term - P.E is every Tuesday and Thursday, just as before.


This half term, P.E will be every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon with the sports coaches. During this time, the children will be working in small groups with Mrs Potts/ Mr Biggs, too.


* Please ensure your child comes to school ready for P.E every Tuesday and Thursday. The coaches try to get them outside no matter what the weather so trousers, layers and gloves will be great! * Thank you! *

If your child wears earrings, please could you ensure that they are taken out on these days, or if left in, that your child can take them out/ put them back in themselves. We, as teachers, are not able to help children with earrings and leaving them in could be dangerous. Thank you for your understanding x

How to support learning at home

We are always so grateful for the additional support you offer the children at home to further embed their learning, below please find some useful links to websites to practice different areas of the curriculum:

Times Tables practice

SPaG practice (BBC bitesize)

Times Tables Rockstars - Summer 2 


Times Tables continue to be a crucial part of our maths learning, especially as we are doing more and more fraction work. Please could you log on as much as possible to keep those Times Tables plates spinning, we have done SO well with them, even Mr Wilson commented on how impressed he was with the instant recall of TT in class - go Team Apollo!



Spring 1 - Mexico (Al mal tiempo, buena cara!)

Hello all, I hope you've had a peaceful break, I can't wait to see you next week!


Our topic for this half term is based all around fabulous MeXicO! We will begin by using our Geography skills to locate Mexican cities, villages and main roads - we'll be using atlases, online resources and Google earth/ satellite images. We will compare the UK to Mexico and even have a go at longitude and latitude locating. 

We will then head straight in to Mexican history by exploring the Mayan culture including their Gods, their way of counting and even Mayan food. We will bring it back to present day when we take a look at Mexican celebrations such as 'El dia de los Muertos' and our Art learning will be inspired by Frida Khalo. 

In English we will be using 'Frida Khalo' ('Little people, big dreams' collection) and 'What the moon saw' to inspire our writing and learn more about the Mexican culture. We will be writing for a variety of genres, starting with an information text!

Science this half term is all about the life cycle and reproduction; it must be noted that the science experiments completed last half term were incredible! Team Apollo - you did such a great job!


As well as recapping over all of our previous learning, we will be beginning this half term by focusing on multiplication and division before moving on to more fraction learning, our maths learning really is rocketing - well done Team Apollo!


I am sure we will have a super half term, let's get going! :)


May the forces be with you


Hello wonderful Team Apollo! We hope that you've all had a peaceful half term break (and that you managed to spend some time outside given all that rain!) We cannot wait to see all of your beautiful faces very soon for more fun, action packed learning!


We hope that you're all ready to become scientists over the coming weeks as you get practical when investigating gravity, friction, water resistance and other forces. We will be learning how to carry out scientific fair tests and how to write up our findings formally. We know you'll be great at it!


In English and reading we will be using a book called 'Everest' by Sangma Francis which will take us on a journey to the summit of this magnificent mountain; we will discover forces in action as we learn about the scary flight in to Lukla airport, how water rushes down the mountain at ferocious speed and the friction required to stop us from slipping on the icy surfaces near base camp. 


We will be learning more sentence types to ensure our writing is as effective as possible and has the biggest impact on our reader.


This month also includes Bonfire night and we will be writing a well-balanced text that considers if events ought to be cancelled or not given the current lockdown measures - Should it be a tradition that is upheld? Would it be the same without the huge gatherings? Or might it be more special to celebrate Bonfire night with your family in the comfort of our own gardens?


We will also be acknowledging Remembrance Sunday by using first hand recounts to plan and write a narrative as though we experienced the events of war ourselves, being considerate and respectful of all veterans. 


Every day we will have a 'word of the day' that builds on our vocabulary and this will be supported by our daily Bookflix lessons during which we will look at a huge range of text types.


We are such super mathematicians and we cannot wait to explore multiplication and division this half term looking at factors, common factors, prime numbers and square numbers. We will also be looking at area and perimeter :-) Please do keep up the super TTRS learning - we are so proud of you!


RE will be answering the question: Why do people believe in God? And in French we will be learning all about how to describe ourselves and others!


Of course, CHRISTMAS is on its way and we will be crafting and having fun through out this half term to spread some Christmas magic, I wonder if an elf will turn up this year? Would they have to quarantine?!


The first half term back was amazing - the children, as you know, are incredible and adjusted so well to being back in school and we can't wait to spend more time with them!

Mrs P & Miss T xx 

Oliver Jeffers as our inspiration


Please see details below about the absolutely wonderful learning that we did a couple of weeks ago based around the book, 'Here we are' by Oliver Jeffers. Both our Art learning and our written work is proudly presented outside of our classroom on the huge board above our coats. We thought you may like to see a few pictures of it - it even has flashy lights!

Mrs P, Miss T & Mrs Taylor (display - whizz!) xx 

'Here we are' now, but what about in a year?


Oliver's amazing book gives us guidance about what life is all about on plant earth and gives us good pieces of advice to live by. We really enjoyed reading the book together. Once we had studied it, we thought about what advice we would give ourselves - how we might act, what must we remember is important, who we love and who is important to spend time with and then we wrote ourselves a letter, for us to read a year from now. 

To accompany our letters, we studied 'Fauvism' art and created a bright and bold self portrait. 

The letters and the art work look absolutely beautiful outside the classroom (we should've also put some tissues by the letters as they're real tear-jerkers, but in the best possible way!)

Well done Team Apollo, we are so proud of the mature, thoughtful and considerate young people you are - sUpErStArs!

Mrs P & Miss T xx

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Bookflix champs!

We are continuing to read every single day in school, sometimes (often) even twice per day and here are some pictures of us working hard on a variety of texts genres. Bookflix has specific skills that ensure we understand the text as we read it by making links from the text to the wider world, to our own lives, by asking questions, by discussing what we are thinking as we read and much more... (including 'Snapshots' - that I'm sure your child could understand!) 


We absolutely LOVE listening in to the discussions between the children during these lessons as you can see their minds sparking with ideas and understanding.


So proud of you as always, Team Apollo!

Mrs P & Miss T xx 


Outdoor learning


Here we are testing our fitness levels with circuits - it was great to get out in the fresh air!