RIDGEWAY Primary School

Year 5 - The Bright Sparks


Mrs Bennett- mbennett@ridgeway.derbyshire.sch.uk

Teaching Assistant:

 Miss Atkin - Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings and PPA cover on Friday afternoons. 

Mrs Mitchell - Monday and Thursday mornings. 

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Welcome to Year 5!

We are Team Bright Sparks and this is our class motto and chant...

We're Team Bright Sparks, we work so hard, we shine so bright and together we can help each other see the light! 


We're Bright Sparks and we're unstoppable!

Class information:


Our PE days have changed again for this half term. We now have Swimming on Wednesday afternoons and PE with the coach on Friday mornings. Please ensure you wear your normal school uniform on Wednesday but remember to bring your swimming kits on these days. On Fridays, please come to school dressed in your PE kit for the whole day as usual. A gentle reminder that on Friday's you must be in the correct school PE kit as you will be in it all day. 


Our PE days have changed for Autumn 2 as we now have PE coaches and access to the hall opposite our school. Our new PE days are Mondays and Fridays. We kindly ask that all pupils come to school for the whole day in their PE kits on both these days. Please make sure you have the correct PE kit on as you will be in them all day. We will have our PE lessons outside for the first term so please ensure you wear sweatshirts in case the weather turns cold. 


Homework will begin on week 2 and be due in the following Friday. Most of the homework activities will be set online including activities on Seesaw, ReadTheory, Times Table Rock Stars and EdShed. We will be sending home a new remote learning / homework book this week with all new log-ins to support home learning. More information to follow next week in regards to homework. 


As mentioned on the Week 1 Newsletter, homework is aimed to be effective at supporting your child's learning without taking time away from them relaxing, attending clubs and being kids! Homework for Year 5 will be set every Friday and should be completed by the following Friday

Each week the following tasks will be set:

  • Reading - 20 minutes x 4 times per week. One of your reading sessions each week will need to be recorded on Seesaw. Please record yourself reading for only a few minutes and submit it this on the Seesaw reading task. This is so I can listen to you read each week. You will also need to complete some reading tasks on Read Theory each week.
  • Spellings – I will set new spellings each week and upload a list with some short activities on Seesaw. You can also go on to EdShed to play games specifically linked to the spellings list set each week.
  • Times tables – please go on Times Table Rock Stars each week so you can regularly practise your times tables. Again little and often will support your times table practise.
  • 2 additional tasks - These will change each week but could include maths, reading, writing, SPAG, science or topic based tasks.

The instructions for each task will be on the Seesaw activities each week but they should not take more than 15-20 minutes. If you have any questions about your homework, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Spring 1 - Our Geography topic is ... Marvellous Mexico! 

This half term is our Geography driver! Our focus will be looking at Mexico. We will use atlases to locate it and identify and map out key geographical features. In addition, we will look at its physical and human geography characteristics and begin to compare it to the United Kingdom looking at similarities and differences.

In Science this half term, we will be exploring ‘Living Things and Their Habitats’ in which we will describe the differences in the life cycles of a mammal, an amphibian, an insect and a bird and describe the life process of reproduction in some plants and animals.  

In Maths, we will be moving onto out Perimeter unit and start our second unit of Multiplication and Division in which we will look at the multiplication column method and the bus stop method for division. After this, we will be starting our Fractions unit.

In Writing, we will be looking a suspense stories and exploring which writing tools we can use to create and develop suspense throughout a story. After that, we will move on to writing a persuasive advert and explore how we can use persuasive language to try to encourage others to visit Mexico!

This half term we will be doing our first DT unit of Year 5! We are going to be looking at cooking and nutrition. Our unit is called ‘What could be healthier?’ and we will be looking at a traditional recipe and adapting this to make it healthier and potentially more sustainable.

Autumn 2 - Our Science topic is ... 'Extraordinary Earth and Spectacular Space'

This half term, our topic is Science and we will be exploring ‘Extraordinary Earth and Spectacular Space’. During this topic we will be able to describe the movement of the Earth and other planets in our solar system, describe the movement of the Moon relative to the Earth, use the idea of the Earth’s rotation to explain day and night and understand that we can describe the Sun, Earth and Moon as spherical bodies. We will also be developing our Working Scientifically Skills.

In our English lessons, we will be writing a non-chronological report, a persuasive letter and poem all linked to our ‘Extraordinary Earth and Spectacular Space’ topic.

In our Bookflix lessons, we will be exploring texts linked to Earth and Space such as ‘Man on the Moon’ and ‘A Galaxy of her own’.

In our Maths lessons, we will be finishing off our Addition and Subtraction unit and starting our Statistics and Multiplication and Division units.

In our Art lessons, we will be looking at the artist Peter Thorpe and his famous rocket art work.

In our PE lessons, we will be going across to the hall with a sports coach to develop our dance (Mondays) and gymnastic (Fridays) skills.

Autumn 1 - Our first topic of the year will be ... The Rotten Romans!

Our first topic of the year is a History topic called The Rotten Romans. As Historians, we will be investigating how the Roman Empire rose to power, how they invaded Britain and their impact on Britain today. In addition, we will be comparing the Romans to the Ancient Greeks. During this topic, we will be looking at how the Romans and Greeks fit into History, use primary and secondary sources to support our enquiries, compare these eras of History to other significant eras previously studied and consider how and why there may be different versions of the same events from History. 

In our Reading lessons, we will be exploring texts linked to the Romans including the story of Romulus and Remus and the Thieves of Ostia. 

In our Maths lessons, we will be developing our knowledge of skills in Number. Starting with our first Place Value unit, followed by an Addition and Subtraction unit. 

In our Science lessons, we will be focusing on the Year 5 topic Animals including Humans in which we will describe the changes as humans develop to old age. 

In our Art lessons, we will be exploring traditional Roman mosaics and create our very own mosaic design. 

In our Music lessons, we will be learning about and to sing the song 'Livin' on a Prayer'. 

In our RE lessons, we will be learning about Christianity. 

In our PE lessons, we will be doing multi-sports and team games. 

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Harvest song!

We hope you enjoy our harvest song ... 


We have been very fortunate to have Miss Salt and Mrs Miles teaching us bamboo tamboo for the last few weeks. Took a look at us in action! 

We will rock you!

The biscuit song!

Harry Potter song!


 In PE in Autumn 2, we have been doing gymnastics on Fridays. We have done jumping, rolls and balancing so far. Take a look at us in action doing some different rolls including: 

-Pencil roll
-Egg roll
-Pike roll
-Straddle roll
-Teddy bear roll

Science - Extraordinary Earth and Spectacular Space! 

Today we researched two models which detail how the planets move in our solar system. We found out that ancient civilisations (including the Romans and the Greeks) used the Geocentric model which placed Earth at the centre of the solar system. They thought that all the planets orbited the Earth. In 1543, an astronomer called Nicolaus Copernicus published a book in which he introduced a new model in which he said the Sun was at the centre of our solar system not the Earth. This new model is called the Heliocentric model. We also found out that it's the Sun's gravity which keeps the planets orbiting around it and that all planets orbit at different speeds. For example, it takes Earth 356 days to orbit the Sun whereas it takes Jupiter 12 years to orbit the Sun!

We used our research to then demonstrate our new knowledge by recreating the Heliocentric model on the playground. Take a look at us in action...