RIDGEWAY Primary School

We are Team Apollo!


Launching our potential, making a huge leap in our learning journey - TEAM APOLLO!

Wow, what a crazy few months it has been but we are SO lucky to be able to take our beautiful class from Year 4 and now in to Year 5 as TeAm ApOlLo!

We have so much to catch up on and we cannot wait to see your lovely faces very soon - we have missed you so much. We have been working hard in school to make sure you all feel very safe, we are there to look after you and we will explain everything in full so please try to not worry too much.

This week, Miss Trotter will be in class Thursday and Friday as usual and she will be working Monday, Thursday and Friday next week. Mrs Potts will be working Tuesday and Wednesday next week. After that, it is things back to normal as our working days remain the same as last year.

You are such an amazing group of young people Team Apollo, we can't wait to get back to spending time with you and teaching you, see you all very soon,

Mrs Potts & Miss Trotter X

Class information for September 2020:

  •  Mrs Potts will work every Monday and Tuesday and Miss Trotter will work every Thursday and Friday - we will work alternate Wednesdays.
  • We are very lucky to have Mrs Taylor working with us every Monday and Tuesday morning and we MAY have a special guest every Wednesday morning! 
  • More information regarding homework, reading at home and P.E will follow shortly.




Homework will be set this week and from now will be set EVERY WEDNESDAY, to be returned (online) by the following Tuesday by 5pm please. It will then be marked by Wednesday morning before more is set that evening. This way, the children have a week (including a weekend) to complete all learning and will have the opportunity to speak to both of us with any queries.

Every week in school we will be completing a mental Maths skills test, we will mark this in school and then highlight areas your child needs to focus on/ work on at home. This will be set as homework on SeeSaw.

We will be setting weekly times tables for your child to work on at home, as often as possible, on Times Tables Rock Stars. We have also entered in to the Y5/Y6 TTRS battle! The key with TT is repetition and frequency and they form a crucial part of maths understanding.

We now have Read Theory up and running and we will be asking your child to complete at least 2, 20 mins sessions of this per week, plus at least 1 read recording in to SeeSaw so we can hear your child's fluency, all of which will feed in to our assessment and further planning. We will set the text for this (linked to topic).

We will be also be setting a spellings/ SPaG activity.


Home-learning plays a crucial part in embedding your child's learning and is more important than ever given the recent events. We cannot thank you enough for your ongoing support.


Further information and explanations will be on SS, we will get there together.


See you on SS!


Mrs P & Miss T x


Art - shirts 

Please could each child bring in to school a labelled, oversized or old top that they could wear to cover uniform when doing Art. 

If you sent one in last year, thank you, we still have them and they have been boil washed, with dettol, and smell of Lenor (and quarantined!).


We will, of course, follow quarantine rules of items.


Many thanks,

Mrs P & Miss T x

Back to school!


We are so happy to have the children back in school and ready to learn, we really did miss them so much.

It goes without saying that the start to this year is a little different with varying factors to consider as we adjust to all being back. We will be recapping and gap-filling previous learning, as well as covering the Year 5 curriculum to move us forwards. We will also be doubling up on some lessons to ensure we are maximising core learning as much as we can.

Further to this and at the heart of all we do, is the emotional well-being of the children. As such, we will be teaching reactionary PSHE which will address the changing emotional needs of the children and this will feed in to the curriculum as much as it can, such as in reading and art. We will also be teaching the Y5 PSHE curriculum alongside this. 

There will be an emphasis on mental maths strategies, as well as 'using and applying' so that the children have flexibility and fluency with their mathematical knowledge. Reading will be daily (at least once) and the children will be exposed to a variety of genres of texts that link to our topic, as well as PSHE to further embed learning and promote discussion. Team Apollo will be given lots of  opportunities to write across a variety of genres to rebuild stamina for writing and to give the children the opportunity to express their ideas using new vocabulary and grammar skills. 


We cannot thank you enough for your ongoing support, please do keep in touch (whilst we can't speak on the yard!)


Mrs P & Miss T x 

Autumn 1 - Who let the Gods out?

Buckle up Team Apollo as we whizz back in time to Ancient Greece...

First we will develop our chronological knowledge by considering what we already know about Ancient Greece, was it an empire? What was special about it? When and where did this civilsation exist? We may even then compare this civilisation to others and draw comparisons or note differences.

We will also be making connections and comparisons with our wider learning by understanding how the Empire was maintained - do we have anything similar today? How might it compare to how we live? How about modern day Greece?

Team Apollo will also be looking at Greek Gods and considering if the Greek gods/ religion affect our lives today.

In order to understand how our knowledge of the past is constructed, we will be looking at different evidence sources - I wonder if the famous Greek vases were important in some way?

We will also have a go at understanding some ancient Greek writing and to further develop our ability to construct informed responses, we will be reading and examining ancient Greek myths and stories and considering their relevance.

Here we are 


In order to help the children settle back in to being in school, back with their friends, and to explore emotions and feelings, our initial reading and English work has been based around a book called 'Here we are' by Oliver Jeffers. It's a beautiful text that explores how we, as humans, live and how we can be the very best version of ourselves.

We are currently writing a letter to ourselves advising us how to take care of our physical and emotional well being with lots of positive reinforcement. We then used the book's illustrations to inspire our art learning. 


We learned how to mix powder paint to gain the right consistency of paint and depth of pigment, as well as to mix new colours of our own. The letters and art work will soon be proudly displayed in the corridor (will get a snap!)


Dear parents and carers,

Please find below our email addresses:

lpotts@ridgeway.derbyshire.sch.uk and btrotter@ridgeway.derbyshire.sch.uk


Given the strict restrictions that stop people entering the school building at present, this will be the main way to contact us for the foreseeable future. For more pressing matters, you may contact the school office on 01142 486249.  We will check emails regularly and reply as quickly as we can.

During this unprecedented time, we are trying our very hardest to protect and keep safe our whole school community.  As such, please could you adhere to the social distancing measures and rules in place.

Each year group has precise and limited time slots to welcome and dismiss the children from school, these must be kept to as to ensure no cross-contamination of ‘bubbles.’

Our class, Team Apollo, will enter school at:  

0845 - 0855 hrs in Gate C (far end single gate).

We will dismiss the children at:

15.10 - 15.20 hrs from the door at the back of school/ Gate C (far end single gate).

A map is provided on the home page of the website under 'Intial Information for September 2020.'


Thank you so much for your co-operation, Mrs Potts & Miss Trotter X

Please bring a filled water bottle in to school, we all know how important keeping hydrated is! For now, leave book bags at home please :-)



Our P.E days are every alternate Tuesday and Thursday. Please see below which day it will take place on in the coming weeks:

Tuesday 15th September (Mrs P)

Thursday 24th September (Miss T)

Tuesday 29th September (Mrs P)

Thursday 8th October (Miss T)

Tuesday 13th October (Mrs P)

Thursday 22nd October (Mrs P).


If your child wears earrings, please could you ensure that they are taken out on these days, or if left in, that your child can take them out/ put them back in themselves. We, as teachers, are not able to help children with earrings and leaving them in could be dangerous. Thank you for your understanding x


How to support learning at home

We are always so grateful for the additional support you offer the children at home to further embed their learning, below please find some useful links to websites to practice different areas of the curriculum:

Times Tables practice

SPaG practice (BBC bitesize)

Times Tables Rockstars


This is now back up and running!  Times Tables are crucial in our maths learning and really help the children to solve trickier problems when they have these number facts at their finger tips instantly. We will be completing TTRS in school, additional home learning using the TTRS website would be truly appreciated.  The log in deatils will be sent home this week (September 2020).


Outdoor learning


Here we are testing our fitness levels with circuits - it was great to get out in the fresh air!