Year 5 - Orang-utans


Welcome to our Year 5 Orang-utans Remote learning page.


We will be off the curriculum today and tomorrow, with a few different activities, hopefully lower key and not too arduous.  Please log in to Seesaw and watch the video i have prepared for your 'entertainment'.  

Please do me the courtesy of creating your own, much better, video and uploading it in return.

Deadline is 3.30 tomorrow, Tuesday. 


Ok Orangs in Space, let's gooooo!!!!!


This Day's Learning Overview

6th  July, 2020

Transition Monday

Physical - 

Reading   - 


Writing -   


Topic     -  

Maths    -  

Creative  -

Other     - 

top teaching tips

Hi Orangs and parents, there are many sites now offering free resources for children during this isolation period, have a hunt around and find one you like.  Oxford Owl is one i have used before and has lots of books to read. 

This link is to an online tutorial by Mr P, who came to Ridgeway and trained the staff regards ipad software this September.  It explains how to photograph text, read aloud and / or thought talk or comment over it, then upload to Seesaw.  

Parents, my Maths link today on the remote learning icon is a site called Khan Academy.  It is free to join and offers lots of tutorials on the particular strand of Maths that i will be setting as learning.  Please join and then feel free to use these tutorials to extend learning even further.  (I tend not to use Khan Academy Kids so ...)

Why not look up David Walliams 'audio book a day' on line.  Read the Terrible Triplets and others.  Free, so no need to sign up.  (Can't believe I'm recommending David Walliams - what am I doing?)



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