RIDGEWAY Primary School

Welcome to Year 4     

We are Team Tudor and this is our class chant and motto

We're Team Tudor & We love to learn.

We work hard together & combine our strengths forever!



We’re Team Tudor & Team Tudor Rules!

Class information:

Mr Townsend & Mr Biggs are our teachers.  Mr Townsend teaches us Monday to Wednesday and alternate Thursdays.  Mr Biggs teaches us alternate Thursday's and every Friday.  For our first week back Mr Townsend will teach us on Thursday.

Our class teaching assistants are:

Mrs Evans: Mon - Fri morning

Mrs Mitchell: Mon - Thursday morning

Mrs Gelipter: Thursday afternoons 


P.E: is every Monday and Thursday and will all be outdoor this half term. Please make sure you have a PE kit in school which fits the school policy and is appropriate for cold and damp weather!  

Homework: is set each Friday and due in by the following Friday.  Homework will begin on Friday 17th September and will be set online.  New log-ins for the different websites are in the remote learning books (sent home last week) so all children can access them.

Each week homework will include the following:

Reading: 1 x read and record on Seesaw plus ReadTheory (15mins x 3 times per week). 

Spellings: Task set on Seesaw plus EdShed activity

Maths: TT RockStars and/or task set on Seesaw including Weekly Skills maths questions 



Our first topic of the year will be...

Our first topic of the year is entitled 'The Groovy Greeks' and is all about discovering what life was like in Ancient Greece.  In English we will be reading and writing Greek myths, comparing life for a child in Ancient Greece to life today and we'll be exploring and reporting on the Ancient Greek Olympics.  Maths will involve improving our place value and number skills e.g rounding to 10 and 100, ordering numbers and methods of adding & subtracting.  During History lessons we'll look at significant people, places and events from Ancient Greece, contrast daily life in Ancient Greece with modern day lifestyles and become familiar with historical sources, debates and accurate vocabulary relating to Ancient Greece.  Art sessions will see us make and create our own Greek mosaics followed by a cyclopes eye - blimey!!!!  Computing will involve using the internet safely and securely.  We'll learn about who owns content on the web and what we can access, add, and create.  Finally, we'll evaluate online content to decide how honest, accurate, or reliable it is, and understand the consequences of false information.  P.E will be focused on multi-skills including improving our catching, throwing, running and jumping.  

         Brilliant Benchball!          

Year 4 took part in a Benchball tournament at Graves Leisure Centre.  All our teams played brilliantly and were a real credit to our school.  Teachers from other schools noticed how honest and sporting we were and praised us for our behaviour – especially Olivia!  There were two competitions and our girls team made it to the semi-final in one and our boys team made the final – and WON in the other!!!  We all had a great time and played with real enthusiasm and effort.  Well done Team Tudor – you’re all stars!

‘In benchball we had lots of fun and me and my friends scored lots of goals. Even though we didn’t come first, we were having a great time and that’s what matters.  By Esme.


My team got on really good and we won or drew every game, which meant we reached the final and won! How good is that? Mr T was so proud of us and we were proud of ourselves.  By Dawson.


I felt a bit nervous but also excited because we were playing against other schools.  My team played really well and it was fun learning a new sport.  By Aoife. 

   Meet Thaddeus - Our visitor from Ancient Greece   

.We’ve had a visitor come to see us in Y4 - his name was Thaddeus and he came all the way from Ancient Greece – WOW!

Thaddeus gave us all a taste of Ancient Greece as he brought to life the great myths and legends of one of the world’s oldest civilisations.  He taught us all about Ancient Greek life and we discovered that there are many things in our lives today that are similar to life in Ancient Greece including food & drink and some subjects taught at school.

We enjoyed creating our own statues of the Greek Gods and Goddesses.

Discovered what it took to be a soldier in the Spartan Army.

We even held our own debating forum and voted on who we thought had made the best case in the debate. 

The votes were counted to reveal who had won!

Thaddeus ended his visit by retelling us the Ancient Greek myth of Daedalus and Icarus.  We all had a great afternoon and learnt so much – thank you Thaddeus for visiting us and good luck with your journey back to Ancient Greece. 

Useful websites to help learning at home

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