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We're Year 4 and we are Team Odyssey!

We work hard

We have fun

And we’re full of curiosity!


Check out this amazing 3D Tour of our school guys!  


Class Information...

Dear parents and carers,

Please find below my email address:


Given the strict restrictions that stop people entering the school building at present, this will be the main way to contact me for the foreseeable future. For more pressing matters, you may contact the school office on 01142 486249.  We will check emails regularly and reply as quickly as we can.

During this unprecedented time, we are trying our very hardest to protect and keep safe our whole school community.  As such, please could you adhere to the social distancing measures and rules in place.

Each year group has precise and limited time slots to welcome and dismiss the children from school, these must be kept to as to ensure no cross-contamination of ‘bubbles.’

Our class Y4 Team Odyssey will enter school at:

8.45 - 8.55am in Main Pedestrian Gate B.

We will dismiss the children at:

 3.10 - 3.20pm from Grey Door at the Front of School.

Our class teacher is Mr Townsend (Mr T) - who teaches each day except Wednesday afternoons when Miss Atkin teaches the class for the afternoon. 

Miss Atkin is also our class Teaching Assistant and will be helping us learn on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays each week.

Please bring a lunch box/bag and coat as required.  All children are welcome to bring a healthy snack as well as a drinks bottle to have at breaktime. All classroom equipment will be provided by school so no need to bring in pencil cases nor 'toys' or personal belongings. 


Our PE sessions are on Tuesday & Friday.  Please make sure your child has a full PE Kit in school ready for these days.

(Black Shorts, White T-shirt, Pumps and a Black Sweatshirt in a PE bag - ENSURE ALL ITEMS ARE NAMED PLEASE.  



Homework will be set each Friday (beginning Fri 25th Sept)  and is due in by the following Friday. 

Maths, reading & spelling homework will be as follows:


Maths - TT Rockstars + EdShed or Seesaw activity


Reading - Read Theory (4-6 times per week) 

             - Seesaw recording reading aloud (1 x per week)


Spellings - EdShed Spelling game

               - Seesaw Spelling activity 



   Black History Month     

As part of Black History Month we had the privilege of welcoming Ludwig Ramsey to our school.  He visited us in Team Odyssey and told us all about his own achievements and also about famous and influential black people from the past and the present.  Ludwig's visit really helped us recap what we knew and most importantly learn more about Black History and why it's so important to treat everybody equally.  Here's a few pics of our time with Ludwig.

Sponsored Scoot - Our Class Fundraiser

Due to Covid restrictions we were unable to hold our school Christmas Fair this year.  As a result, each class was set the challenge of holding their own fund raiser event.  The funds raised will go towards our school and a local food bank. We, in Year 4 Team Odyssey, decided to have a sponsored scooter ride around a course set out in the school playground.  We all tried to complete as many laps we could in two separate half-hour sessions.  It was loads of fun and we all help raise loads of money too.  Thank you to all the really generous people who sponsored us - we really appreciate it! 

P.S.  Check out some videos of us in action below.

 3D Snowflakes 

During the run up to Christmas we all got to make these fabulous 3D snowflakes.  It was really quite challenging at times as some of the instructions were tricky to follow and it meant we had to really concentrate to get all the folding, cutting and sticking required just right.  We are sure you will agree though that the results are quite stunning.  Take a look at our 3D snowflakes below.

Our Current Topic is...

Off with their heads


Our topic for the Spring 2 half term is entitled 'Off with their heads!' and is based around the The Tudors period in history. 

In English we will start by reading and writing all about the Kings and Queens of the Tudor period.  We will read the book 'The Queen's Token' by Pamela Oldfield and use this to write dialogue between characters; a detailed description of a Tudor setting and a diary entry in role.  We will also write a biography of Henry VIII and a comparison of being rich or poor during Tudor times. 

Maths will be focused on fractions and we will try to cover areas missed due to the Covid lockdowns.  We will start by trying to understand what a fraction is before moving onto count in tenths and explore equivalent fractions.  We will also add and subtract fractions and finally calculate fractions of a quantity. 

Art / DT sessions will see us create our own Tudor feast fit for a King or Queen.  We will don our aprons and create culinary delights such as gingered bread, Yeoman's pudding, dried apples and even a spiced apple drink to wash it all down with.  Time permitting we will also create our own portraits of Queen Elizabeth I.  

In History we'll look closely at the Tudor era by exploring the Tudor family tree.  We will explore Tudor fashion; discover punishments given to criminals during Tudor times and examine how illnesses and diseases were treated.  We'll also think about what life was like for children in Tudor times and investigate the differences between being rich and poor in Tudor times. 

During Science we'll discover what the digestive system does and how it works; plus we'll have a good look at teeth (both animals & humans) and explore their different types and functions.  We'll finish by looking at the importance of food chains to both animals and humans. 

Weather permitting we will try out some Tudor style dancing during P.E sessions and with better weather coming (fingers crossed) we'll get outside again to learn and sing Tudor songs in the round. 

In computing we'll investigate why it is important to check information for accuracy and using the internet to do so.  We'll use computers to create a display about the
Tudors, including text, pictures, graphics and use Google Sites to create a website about the Tudors.

Useful websites to help learning at home

Please click on the links below to access useful websites for home learning:



Topic - The Tudors

Ancient Egyptian Mummies and Sarcophagus's

We've been very busy during our first half term researching, designing, making and decorating our own Ancient Egyptian Mummies and Sarcophagus's.  First we made our own Pharaohs using tin foil and then we mummified him / her using kitchen roll and glue.  We then set about designing and making our sarcophagus's to perfectly fit our pharaohs.  We used strips of card and tape to carefully construct the sarcophagus.  We added kitchen roll to make the shape of the pharaoh lying on top and then covered the lot in tissue paper.  Finally we painted our sarcophagus's gold or yellow and decorated it in a style fit for a pharaoh.  Check out our fantastic results below.

Can you mummify a tomato?

In science this half term we have been experimenting whether it is possible to mummify a tomato. 

We weighed our tomatoes and recorded it in your books.  Next we cut a hole in the side of the tomato and removed the insides.  Then we cleaned the tomato with sanitiser inside and out and dried with paper towels.  We then weighed our tomatoes again and recorded the new weight in our books (this is the pre-mummification weight).  After that we made our natron (natron is a mixture of bicarbonate of soda and salt).   We then filled our tomatoes with natron and covered the rest of the tomato with the natron.

We then left the tomato for exactly 2 weeks in a warm place (70 days is how long the Egyptians left mummies for).  We also made predictions as to what we thought would happen to the tomato and wrote these down in our books. Check out the pictures of us in action below.

The Results! Can you mummify a tomato? The Results!

Well folks, we all took our tomatoes home and waited patiently for two weeks to pass.  It was hard to wait but we managed it and whilst we were waiting we removed any wet natron and replaced it with dry to help the mummification process.  After two weeks we all brought our tomatoes back in and set about revealing the answers to our questions and predictions.  

We carefully removed the tomato from the bag and weighed it (this is the post - mummification weight).  We recorded the new weight in our books.  Then we placed the tomato on a chopping board and carefully removed any natron from inside and outside of the tomato.  After that, we compared the tomato to the last time we saw it and checked in our books to see if the weight had changed.  We could then observe and measure to see which, if any, of our predictions were correct.  Finally, we were able to answer our question and discovered that you really can mummify a tomato - WOW!!!!  Check out the pics below guys.

Drama, Drama Everywhere!

We've been learning all about discovering and exploring an Ancient Egyptian tomb.  To really get a feel for what it must have been like we decided to roll play the experience ourselves using drama.  We teamed up with a partner and broke the experience into individual parts and freeze framed the action at key points.  It really helped us to then write in roll as we had a much better understanding of what was involved.  Check us out below.