RIDGEWAY Primary School

We are The Knights, we make the days bright and together we unite! 

Hello Year 3!

Welcome back to all our wonderful Knights. We hope you have all had the most amazing summer making memories and that you are now ready for a year of fun and learning. We certainly are! Please have a little read through the information below so you know how things will be working during this first half term. If any grown-ups have any questions, please feel free to contact us on the email addresses above or catch us after school :-)

Mrs J and Mrs B x

Autumn Term 1 Information

  • Our class this year will be called 'The Knights'. We will be a brilliant team where every member is valued and listened to. We know you will all make us proud! 
  • Mrs Barnes will teach every Monday, Tuesday and alternate Wednesdays, and Mrs Jowitt will teach alternate Wednesdays and every Thursday & Friday. The term will begin with Mrs J teaching on the Wednesday. The learning which takes place will flow throughout the week and we work together to ensure the children get consistency and continuity across our teaching days!  
  • We are lucky enough to have the lovely Mrs Taylor joining our team on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday mornings to support our learning journey.  Mrs Gelipter and Miss Atkin will also be working with some children at different points throughout the week.   
  • PE will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays and will all be outdoor this half term. Please make sure you have a PE kit in school which which fits the school policy and is appropriate for cold and damp weather! If you child has long hair, please ensure they come with it tied up (or bring a bobble to school). If you child wears earrings, please send them to school earring free on PE days. If this is not possible, the children will have to take them out themselves for the session or bring their own medical tape to secure their earrings. 
  • Book bags are to come into school on a Friday please and will be returned home on a Monday.
  • Please send your child to school every day with a full water bottle. They are also welcome to bring a healthy snack for playtime if they wish to!


As mentioned on the Week 1 Newsletter, homework is aimed to be effective at supporting your child's learning without taking time away from them relaxing, attending clubs and being kids! Homework for Year 3 will be set every Friday after school and should be completed by the following Friday

There will be 4 activities set each week, which will all be uploaded to Seesaw. Please make sure your child is clicking on the green 'Add Response' button when adding their learning  (as this makes sure no work gets missed). The activities will be;

  • A Maths activity.
  • An English/SPAG activity
  • A reading activity 
  • A list of spellings to learn for the following Friday's test.

The instructions for each task will be given each week on the Seesaw activity, but they should not take more than 15 minutes.

In addition to this, children should be aiming to read for 15 minutes 4x per week and logging onto TTRS regularly.

Please let us know if you have any questions about this! Hopefully it will make sense once their first homework has been set on 17.09.21.


 We hope you enjoy our harvest song!

Autumn Term 1 Learning

We are extremely excited to announce that our first topic of the year will be...


Our driver subject for the half term will be History, but we will be doing lots exciting learning in other subjects too! The topic will include;

  • Becoming historians to explore how life was different in the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages.
  • Investigating how we find out about the past using primary and secondary sources.
  • Looking at the different ways the time periods are represented and assessing how historically accurate they are.
  • Combining history and geography skills to map the major prehistoric monuments in the UK. 

In other areas of the curriculum...

  • As mathematicians, we will be focusing on number and place value of three digit numbers. We will then move onto mental and written methods for addition and subtraction.
  • In English, we will be using a range of video clips and books to inspire 'Exciting Writing' linked to character descriptions, instructions, storytelling and poetry. We will also continue to build on our reading comprehension skills through a range of Bookflix activities.
  • As scientists, we will be carrying out a number of investigations to find out about light and shadows.
  • Through our 'learning for life' sessions, we will be finding out about Hinduism and understanding what it means to be truly healthy.
  • We will begin learning basic conversational French as a base for KS2 language lessons. We will become confident using greetings, sharing names and ages and even asking how people are feeling that day.
  • In D&T, we will be looking at structures..

As historians we have been learning about the diet people had during the Stone Age. We learnt about hunter gatherers and put our skills to the test as we found food items around the yard and had to decide whether we would hunt or gather them!

Creating Stonehenge silhouette art.. part one! 

In English we are learning to retell a story using actions and a story map. We will then use this to write our own portal story about travelling back in time to the Stone Age era.

In D&T we have been learning about structures. We designed a model version of Stonehenge after learning about it’s architecture. Then e had a go at building it using biscuits and icing sugar! It wasn’t as easy as we thought but we enjoyed the challenge