Year 3 - The Elephants


We stomp our feet to the beat because learning is a treat. Elephants. Elephants. WOOOOO.

The Roman Empire Strikes Back! 


The year 3 journey begins with learning what life as a Roman was like... We will be learning all about their battles and Armour, invasions (especially in England), the things we use today that were left for us by the Romans. As well as this we will be covering the Roman diet, flamingo tongues, door mice and jelly fish, YUCK! 

Team Elephants, get ready to become a Rotten Roman!  

Bench ball 

On Tuesday, Team Elephants went to Graves Leisure center to take part in a Qualitas Bench ball afternoon of sport. They were split into three teams and each team competed in a league against other schools. The Elephants showed fantastic team work, courage and sportsmanship. I think we were all tired out by the end of the afternoon! 

Class information

I will be in class all week apart from Thursday afternoons when Mrs Gelipter will be covering my planning and assessment time. 

Book bags and homework to come into school on a Thursday please and to be sent home on a Friday. 

PE is on a Monday and a Friday, children will require both an indoor and an outdoor kit. Please make sure your child has a white T-shirt, a black sweatshirt, black joggers, shorts as well as a sensible pair of sporting shoes. Please ensure all your child's kit is clearly named along with their PE bag. 

Water bottles will be sent home each day to be washed and refilled ready for the following day.

Any questions please ask! 

I cannot wait for a fantastic year with Team Elephants and thank you for your support, 

Miss Crowley 



Science - Let there be light! 

In science this half term we are learning all about light! We started by looking at what light is, and natural and man-made light sources. It was very interesting learning about how the moon is not actually a light source, but just reflects the suns light! Following this, we joined with the Leopards for an afternoon to learn all about our eyes. We looked at the different parts of our eye and how they react differently to dark and light. We also looked at braille, and learnt how to read some letters as well as completing a colour blindness test. 


We will be linking the pictures and knowledge from this lesson into creating something exciting in Computing, watch this space....


In art this half term we have looked at Roman Mosaics, we learnt about how the Romans used mosaics as a way of recording events as well as for decoration. With Mrs Taylor we designed our own mosaic and created them using wooden sticks to print. 

With Miss Crowley we designed and created a mosaic using small mosaic tiles on wooden squares, it was really tricky and fiddly to get the tiles close together and stick them down but it was great fun! When they had dried we painted the boarder with gold paint to make them look even more special! 

In English we have been writing character descriptions for the mythical Roman creature, the Hydra...

The children worked hard to describe both the personality and appearance of this fierce creature, using similes, expanded noun phrases and using siri for lots of synonyms. We then used our writing in ICT to create some videos of our writing. We first worked in groups to put all our ideas together to create one piece of writing and then used Adobe spark to create slide to show our ideas. Everyone worked so well together showing fantastic teamwork and created some superb videos. Here's one for you to look at...


 Spelling 11.10.19.docxDownload
 Spelling Rule 27.09.19.docxDownload
 spellings 04.10.19.docxDownload
 Spellings 13.09.19.docxDownload
 Spellings 18.10.19.docxDownload
 Spellings 20.09.19.docxDownload
 Spellings 25.10.19.docxDownload
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