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Year 2-Remote Learning Page

 Please check this page each day for the new learning. Any problems please contact us by email. Mrs Wilkinson will be setting the Maths and Mrs Tingle English and Topic.  

Our Maths learning will follow White Rose, which will consist of a video and linked worksheet. There will be points in the video to stop and do a couple of questions (worksheet on Seesaw). We have used this in class so the children are used to listening to Jim and working in this way - in case remote learning were to happen.   Please read the document below about changes the worksheet on Seesaw.

Phonics / SPaG learning - in class we follow 2 children Kit and Sam on their adventures on Powerpoints. Again the children are familiar with this, we use this as  a reading activity too. We encourage the children to read out the story and answer questions such as - What are the characters thinking? What do they predict will happen next? How do they think the characters are going to react given what we have learnt about them through previous stories?

It would be good to discuss with your child what they have already learnt in previous weeks. A follow up activity may be put on Seesaw to reinforce the learning but sometimes it will just be the Powerpoint, this will follow on each day through the week.

It may be that work is 'sent back'.  If this is the case please read the comments, which should explain where your child has gone wrong.  As we wish to move the children forward in their learning this is one way we can ensure they make progress.  Where children are asked to write sentences please remind them that they should begin with a capital letter and end with a full stop or other appropriate punctuation.  When work is sent back please encourage your child to 'make it even better' and to resubmit it!

We are both available for any general queries and will try to get back to you as soon as possible. Please bear in mind that on some days we will also be teaching in school so a quick response may not be possible. Many thanks for your support and understanding, together we can make this successful, working together to support your wonderful children.

Keep safe

Mrs Tingle & Mrs Wilkinson


Please can you save a straight-sided 2l pop or water bottle for an upcoming science project?  Thank you  WE WILL BE USING THEM ON FRIDAY 22nd JANUARY. 

You will also need scissors, sellotape, a 30cm ruler or a tape measure and a marker pen to write on the bottle. 


STICKERS - As I go through your work I can see some of you have tried extra hard.  If we were in school you would be getting stickers so I am making a record of those children who have won a sticker and, one day soon, I hope, you will get a sticker in school to add to your chart.  If you earn a sticker it will tell you in the comments.   

Monday 18th January

Hi everyone as Mr Wilson said in his letter last week,  Mrs Wilkinson is now working in Rec, so I am full time planning and responding to learning in Year 2. The challenges of the pandemic for us all seem ever changing don't they? So this means any questions send your emails to me. My days in school working with the critical worker children (at the moment, but this does keep changing!) are Wednesday and Friday, so please bear in mind I will not be checking emails as regularly or responding to work as quickly on those days. Any urgent issues on those days please email school and me as the office may read it first, and I can try to help as quickly as possible. You may have noticed previously that Mrs Wilkinson and I tried to cover for each other on the days the other was in school, to respond as quickly as we could.

Reading powerpoint in files below this week we are learning 

Maths Please watch the video https://vimeo.com/490420447 and the task is on Seesaw



 Level 6 Week 17 Lesson 1.pptxDownload
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Friday 15th January 2021

Good morning We hope you all enjoyed the snow yesterday and if it still there today enjoy some snowy adventures ❄️❄️❄️

Reading powerpoint below and then a reading task about Emporer Penguins on Seesaw

Maths https://vimeo.com/490420115 work on Seesaw

 Level 6 Week 16 Lesson 5 PowerPoint.pptxDownload
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Thursday 14th January 2021

Another wonderful week of learning so far Team Orion some of you really are reaching for stars and we couldn't be prouder!!!

Reading Lesson 4 - powerpoint below and activity on Seesaw. It was lovely to see what you were reading yesterday thank you. Keep reading to enjoy your books and to get better and better!

Maths  Arrays today.  It would be useful to have some equipment to make arrays yourself.  Buttons or Lego bricks could be used.

Work on Seesaw - Video    https://vimeo.com/490417143

English Your instructions activity today is on Seesaw 

Topic todays lesson is PE. I would like you to warm up with this Youtube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A1vdKfXlB_g

Listen to the musci https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3FISciPpyb8 thinking about snowflakes. I would like you to create a dance where you are a snowflake. This about the movement a snowflakes, twirling and swirling gently to the ground, sometimes floating sometimes falling quickly and heavily. Think about you speed, high to low and how you are moving. Remember dances often have a few movements that are repeated. Record you dance and upload to Seesaw please.

 Level 6 Week 16 Lesson 3 Presentation.pptxDownload
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Wednesday 13th January 2021

Reading 'mb' saying 'm' Lesson 3 powerpoint in files below. Apologies for those of you who are using iPads as the presentation isn't as interactive but hopefully you are still enjoying Kit and Sams adventures.

Today please read a book on Bug Club as well or one of your own that you are enjoying, you can tell me about it on Seesaw. What is the story about? Who are the characters? Why you like it etc

Maths  We are still working on multiplication today.  Some of you have had work sent back - please read my comments  and then have another go.   My comments should tell you which questions you need to look at again.  Once you have improved yeasterday's work watch the video then have a look at todays work on Seesaw.    Using counters, buttons or lego bricks will help you!


English great learning about instructions yesterday. Some of you enjoyed reading the recipe so much you made the Greek Salad and sent me photos. Mrs Wilkinson went out to buy the ingredients too as its her favourite type of salad!!

Todays instructions learning is all about imperative verbs (bossy verbs) on Seesaw

Topic - following instructions to make a snowflake - I can't wait to see them!! On Seesaw

 Level 6 Week 16 Lesson 3 Presentation.pptxDownload
 m Word Family Quiz.pptxDownload
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Tuesday 12th January 2021

Reading Lesson 2 watch the powerpoint below remember to say the words and practise handwriting

Maths Today we are going to begin to apply all our learning about equal groups and repeated addition to multiplication.  Here's the link to the video.  


As this is new learning you might want to watch the video twice.   .

English we are continuing to look at how instructions are written today. Task on Seesaw

Topic Watch the powerpoint below and then activity on Seesaw

 Animals in Winter.pptxDownload
 Level 6 Week 16 Lesson 2 Presentation.pptxDownload
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Good morning

What a fantastic week of remote learning we had last week. Such a fantastic effort from everyone!! Keep it up and lets keep learning!!

Monday 11th January

Reading powerpoint in files below. This week we are learning 'mb' saying 'm' . Follow up activities on Seesaw

Maths Add equal groups.  Watch the video https://vimeo.com/488110327

Worksheet on Seesaw.

See document below which details changes to the maths worksheets

English this week we are learning about instructions. Your activity is on Seesaw. Find some instructions in your house and upload a photo onto Seesaw ( recipes are 1 type of instruction, see if you can find some different examples.) If you are in school today find instructions to upload at home this week please.

Topic   Please watch the video and talk about what you can see happening, if you are able to record thought talking whist you are watching the video on Seesaw that would be great. Write some sentences to describe the changes either in your remote learning book or on seesaw. Please remember to write in sentences with capital letters and full stops. Think about expanded noun phrases, commas in a list and extending sentences using and, so, but, because, when etc


 Level 6 Week 16 Lesson 1 Presentation.pptxDownload
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Reading - powerpoint below (Level 6 week 15 lesson 4)  Seesaw comprehension activity

If the children want to finish the story I have also put Lesson 5 in the files below

Maths  Making equal groups (groups with the same amount of items in) - watch the video then choose a worksheet to complete on Seesaw


English - using the exclamation and statement learning from the  reading powerpoint today 

Topic - Season sorting activity on Seesaw

 Level 6 Week 15 Lesson 4.pptxDownload
 Level 6 Week 15 Lesson 5 PowerPoint.pptDownload
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Thursday 7th January

Reading - powerpoint in files below (Level 6 week 15 Lesson 3) 

Maths - Looking at Making (and recognising) Equal groups.   Watch the video first.  https://vimeo.com/488106597

English - Look at the powerpoint presentation below - expanded noun phrases

Task - Using The Snowman video from yesterdays learning (you can fast forwards through to the parts you want to rewatch      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LhRzr6

 In your remote learning book thinking carefully about your handwriting and presentation please.

Bronze write 7 expanded noun phrases, Silver write 9 expanded noun phrases, Gold write sentences about what happens in The Snowman using at least 10 expanded noun phrases. Try to start your sentences in different ways or extend your sentences using if, so but , because, when

Upload a photo to Seesaw when complete

Topic - watch the BBC video on the Seasons and complete the quiz. https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zkvv4wx/articles/zcx3gk7

On Seesaw notes please write 3 facts you have learnt from the video ( more facts to challenge yourself) don't forget sentences have capital letters and full stops

 Level 6 Week 15 Lesson 3.pptxDownload
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Wednesday 6th January

Reading - Reading Comprehension Seesaw

Maths -  watch the video and choose which level of worksheet to try.  I have used some questions, on the Gold sheets, which are similar to the White Rose questions but are a little more challenging as your child will need to set out the repeated addition without always having a modelled, formal structure to follow.    The work is set on Seesaw.

URL for video -  https://vimeo.com/480212584

English -Powerpoint in files below

 Topic - watch The Snowman https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LhRzr6HwX6A

 Level 6 Week 15 Lesson 2.pptxDownload
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Tuesday 5th January

Good morning Team Orion and welcome to our remote learning page. You are all super star learners and we know you are really going to reach for the stars with your home learning!!

Luckily we are experts at listening to Jim for our Maths learning and we are really on top of our phonics learning. Bookflix is a breeze and we can work hard on our writing skills too!! Go team Orion!!


This is a link to the Parentkind website.  Our PTA is a member of Parentkind, which is the umbrella organisation for PTAs in the UK.  They have a list of useful links to help you support your child at home. 



Friday 20th November 2020

Literacy - commas in lists - look at the slides on Seesaw then have a go at the questions.

Maths - putting numbers on numberlines.  On Seesaw.

Friday 13th November 2020

Maths:  https://vimeo.com/466497248 - work on Seesaw

Phonics - work on Seesaw


Wednesday 11th November 2020

Maths - https://vimeo.com/465864148 Seesaw

Phonics Powerpoint worksheet on Seesaw

Topic - create a poppy for Remembrance Day

 Level 6 Week 9 Lesson 3.pptxDownload
 Super Suffixes.pdfDownload
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Tuesday 10th November 2020

Maths -  https://vimeo.com/466497248 Seesaw

Phonics powerpoint worksheet on Seesaw

Bookflix  - picture on Seesaw - 3 I wonder sentences please


Monday 9th November 2020

Maths  - https://vimeo.com/465728628 sheet on Seesaw

Phonics powerpoint below and worksheet on Seesaw

Bookflix - watch cbeebies film https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p02qvbd9 

and thought talk

 Level 6 Week 9 Lesson 1 .pptxDownload
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Friday 6th November 2020

Maths - see below 

Phonics x 2 Powerpoints please (below)

Bookflix Reading - Firework poem - 3 I wonder sentences please (poem on Seesaw)


 maths fri 6.docxDownload
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 Level 6 Week 8 Lesson 4 Presentation.pptDownload
 Level 6 Week 8 Lesson 5 PowerPoint.pptDownload
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Thursday 5th November 2020

Maths  - Maths MAts below

Phonics - files list below

Reading - pug text and questions on Seesaw

Topic - Make a bonfire night picture


 Level 5 Week 12 Lesson 1 PowerPoint.pptDownload
 Y2 Maths Mat 1.pdfDownload
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Friday 15th October 2020

Maths - add and subtract 10

Watch the White Rose Video - Add and subtract 10s (There are 5 videos altogether - make sure you watch this one!)



Then answer the maths questions below.   This has also been uploaded to Seesaw.

Tuesday 6th October 2020

Reading / Phonics - silent 'g' PPT (see below) and work on Seesaw

English - I will upload your story map onto Seesaw try and think of 2 or 3 changes you could make to your story eg change the name of your superhero, it is still going to be a midnight superhero or daytime? How is your superhero going to save the day? (I have changed mine to a girl called Betty, she feeds her pet rabbit and her meteor busting rocket is hidden in an under water cave deep in the ocean)

Maths - Watch Jim on the video https://vimeo.com/461736938 worksheet on Seesaw

Topic - Draw a colour monster and write a sentence to tell me what colour you are today and why - use the word because please.

 Level 6 Week 4 Lesson 1 Presentation.pptxDownload
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