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Remote Learning Page 2021/22

This is the page that we will be using for Remote Learning this year. This could be in the form whole class/school closure due to a Covid-19 outbreak, or for individuals who have to isolate when waiting for a test or following a positive test in the household. A letter about our Remote Education this year, along with login codes for various platforms will be sent home.

Take care and stay safe,

Mr Wilson

Wednesday 17th November 

Hello! Your jobs for today are fully explained in full on SeeSaw :)

Tuesday 16th November 

 Good morning! You have a phonics, maths and English job that are all explained in full on SeeSaw :)

Monday 15th November 


Please log on to SeeSaw to see your phonics, number and Eng job!

The links you will need (in case it doesn't work) are here, Maths:


(Week 3, session 1)

Phonics: D


English: Questions 


Please do feel free to add to Seesaw :)

Friday 12th November 


Click on the link to watch the video.


Can you go on a hunt around your home to find things that start with these sounds? E.g. m for mat. Can you have a go at writing the sounds?


This week we have been thinking about autumn. Look outside of your window - what signs are there of autumn?

Click on the link and watch the story.


Talk about the story with a grown up: Where does the hedgehog live? What falls from the tree? How does the hedgehog help the donkey?

Can you draw a picture of a hedgehog?


Feel free to post pictures of your learning on seesaw if you wish :)