RIDGEWAY Primary School

Team  Endeavour

Let's all try together

Our Autumn 2 topic is

Paint a Rainbow

In this topic we focus on colours.

We mix paints to make new colours, think about things that are always a certain colour and look at autumn and Christmas colours.

We learn about keeping safe at Bonfire Night and why we celebrate it. We learning about road safety, use painting programs on the computer and talk about Christmas - how it is a special time and how it is celebrated around the world.

We also perform out dance for the Nativity in December.

It is a really busy half term leading up to Christmas.

Our Autumn topic is Amazing Me

This is a lovely topic that helps us to learn all about each other. We learn about our bodies, families, likes and dislikes and what we like to do. We will be talking, singing, painting and making new friends.

During the topic we will be learning about

  • My body and what it can do
  • My home community
  • How to use a camera and an Ipad
  • Using the Interactive Whiteboard
  • Special People - Which people are special and why?
  • Harvest Festival - why we celebrate harvest

The children will -

Knows some of the things that make them unique,

Talk about some of the similarities and differences in relation to ourselves and friends or family

Develop an understanding of growth and change over time

Knows the importance for good health of physical exercise and a healthy diet

Knows how to operate simple equipment

Completes a simple program on a computer

Use a range of hardware to interact with age-appropriate computer software.

 Talk about people who are special to them and say what makes their family and friends special to them

Enjoys joining in with family customs and routines

Identify some of the qualities of a good friend

Act out a narrative.

Routines in Reception

The class teacher is Mrs Naylor - who teaches on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Mrs Gelipter - who teaches on Thursday and Friday.

The Teaching Assistants are Miss Riley and Mrs  Jenkinson.

We are looking forward to a super year ahead. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask or email cnaylor3@ridgeway.erbyshire.sch.uk or call the school office on 0114 2486249

PE is on  Thursdays. Please ensure your child has their full kit for outdoor lessons. This is black joggers, white t-shirt, black sweatshirt and pumps (a spare pair of socks is a good idea if your child wears tights). Please make sure all kit is clearly named and in a draw string bag. Please send to school at the beginning of each half term and it will come home at the end of each half term.

Water bottles will be sent home at the end of the school day to be washed and refilled ready for the next day. Hydration is really important and aids concentration and learning.

Given the strict restrictions that stop people entering the school building at present, please contact me by email at cnaylor3@ridgeway.derbyshire.sch.uk 

Homework will start in Autumn 2 term as I want the children to feel happy, safe and secure in school first. They are learning so much socially in the way of how school runs, what to do and when we do it that they need the time out of school to relax and adjust to their new routines.

Vegetable Soup ...mmmmmmm

We looked at different vegetables and talked about where they come from. We then peeled and chopped them to make soup. Everyone had a taste of the soup. Some children enjoyed it sooooo much they had second helpings! They thought it was 'souper!'

Friday Fun- 9th October 2020

A quick snapshot of Friday afternoon in class.

The group with Mrs Gelipter are using pastels to draw a still life of a pumpkin, conkers and acorns. 

All are busy, happy and learning. Lovely to see!

Look at the fun we are  having ....

and a few more ...