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School Closure - Information

22 November 2018 (by admin)

Details about today's school closure

An Update about the School Closure:

On entering the building this morning, I thought that I could smell gas. I conferred with other staff who agreed that there was a smell that could possibly be gas, a smell that had not been apparent earlier.

At that point, I made the decision to close the school to pupils until we could guarantee the safety of the school site. I contacted the Gas Board, shut the gas off (meaning there was no heating or hot water in school), ventilated the building and then contacted both the Chair of the Board of Governors and DCC, who agreed with my course of action.

A gas engineer attended the school this morning to do a preliminary check of the site and then a specialist team from DCC followed that up with a full site check. After completing all of their tests and checks at about 1pm, they finally were completely satisfied that the gas system in school is fully operational and safe.

As such I am happy to reopen the school tomorrow.

I know that closing the school causes a lot of families problems with childcare and the decision is never made lightly, but the safety of everyone in school is my main priority. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Mr Wilson 

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