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Snow Update (Sunday 4th March)

4 March 2018 (by admin)

Please read the latest Snow Update

Snow Update: As it currently stands, we intend to be back open tomorrow. However, due to the poor conditions we will keep registers open until 9.30am to give people more time to get into school. Please keep the following in mind: - The main roads are much better but the pavements are still (at this time) covered. - Please send the children in weather appropriate footwear and a change of footwear for indoors. - Memorial Square is still covered in snow so parking and travel around it will be harder than usual, so please take extra care. - There is an additional carpark opposite the Swan pub (near the old craft centre). If anyone can help out at 9am clearing the playground, so that the children will be able to get out at break, it would be greatly appreciated. Obviously, if the weather or conditions worsen and the situation changes I will keep you informed. Thank you for your support and understanding last week and hopefully, I will see you tomorrow. Thanks, Mr. W