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Y1 & 2 Topic Trip

30 September 2017 (by admin)

The Unicorns and Team Pegasus visited Conisbrough Castle

Yesterday [27th Sept.] our class went to Conisbrough Castle. I saw a toilet. It smelt yucky. It was smelly and I saw an arrow window. I saw a flag. I saw a well and I saw a keep. By Evie (Y1) First, we got to go on a snow white coach but I was feeling a little bit nervous because I had never been to Conisbrough Castle before. We saw the wide open bailey and the big, tall keep. The before lunch Richella’s tooth fell out! In the castle, there was an old toilet but it didn’t flush so every day the people who lived in the castle tied a little boy to a rope and sent him down to clean the toilet. By Lexi (Y2) It was a lovely trip and the children had a great time learning about castle life (especially the toilets).