How to support your child.


This page has been created to help parents support children in their learning.  It is not intended to replace homework, which is still to be handed in on a weekly basis.  The work on this page does not need to be brought into school; it is to give parents a better idea of what their child is learning in school and how to best support them.  


  • This BBC page has some good ideas about how to best support your child's learning.  It recommends that year 5 children spend "30 minutes a day or equivalent over two/three evenings or at the weekend" on homework.  Completing small, regular amounts of homework reinforces what your child has learned in school.  >>LINK
  • Download a Y5 Maths Key Skills document.  Y5 have been working on these to find where the weaker areas are.  They give a good indication of what areas of maths your child requires further help.  >>LINK
  • Download these 'reasoning' maths problems.  Y5 have been working on these as morning work.  Ask your child to solve them for you and explain how they did it.  They can be quite tricky!  >>LINK
  • Have a go at these which are even trickier!  >>LINK
  • Advice on how to help your child with reading comprehension. >>LINK
  • Ensure your child is confident and able at times tables by practising on Times Table Rock Stars. >>LINK
  • Help your child improve in SPAG by downloading these handy documents.  SPAG Outline: >>LINK  SPAG Glossary: >>LINK  SPAG Examples: >>LINK
  •  This is the final Y5 Maths Skills document.  This will be good practice for your child's final assessment. >>LINK